Blood Angels New Pics

More pics! More to come.


Puma said...

Fine, fine work.

Peter said...

Dante's (?) limbs look a little thin but fine, fine painting

jawaballs said...

Thin? They are highlighted with Mithril Silver, is that what you mean? Of all my models, he was/is the hardest to do. Gold is HARD to paint with. I'm going to do him again with a nonmetal metalic eventually.

Peter said...

I meant the model looks thin. You'd think that the leader of the blood angels (he is the leader right?) would have a bit more bulk to him. I didn't mean about you're painting I think it's brilliant and i hope to buy your How to paint: dire avengers soon

Chad said...

im not sure if im in the right spot to post or ask a question, but here it goes. im finally getting my blood angels together and have a commissioned painter working on them for me, but im lost in the markings for the seargents. ive done soe mresearch, but i come up confussed...HELP please. the back ground for teh shoulder pads of the seargents is black (right?) adn the chapter emblem is yellow (right?), but if both shoulders are black tehn how do i depict him as to his proper company (these are 2xgreen blood drops for teh 8th company)? do i just paint the green blood drops over teh black back ground or do i leave teh company shoulder pad with a red background adn jsut worry about the chapter shoulder pad? if the company shoulde pad is to be black back ground then how do i depict them as being part of teh 5th or 9th company (when the situation comes up later on in the developing of this army) since the blod drops then become "black" in color too? HELP im lost....please answer me back at my email as well as here too.
Email address is:
i hope to hear from you all soon. thanks.


jawaballs said...

I do commissions... had you hired me you would not need to ask questions. Just say what you want and know that it was getting done.

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