Warhammer 40k: Blood Angels Battle Report, Blood Angels vs Orks

Today I played my 1750 list against an Ork army. He had 3 Defcoptas, Grotsnick in a squad of 30 orks, a squad of commandos with a special character, a squad of lootas with some str 7 heavy weapon, and about 50 other orks. He had a 7 man strong squad on bikes with the Warboss and a painboy. 4 loot counters and Dawn of War. He deployed loot counter first, and placed his towards the center, then I placed mine in terrain close to an edge. He placed his in another terrain piece in the center, and I placed the last one in the middle as well. That heavily weighted the advantage to whomever got the side with the counters close to the edge... he got his choice, and selected the other side, much to my glee. So I deployed, I placed my Tac squad in 2 combat squads, each on a loot counter, I placed my RAS behind a wall, and Dante with his HQ as one HQ squad as far up as I could and still be out of sight. That forced him to deploy at disadvantageous spots for his foot sloggers to have to charge against my plasma and vindicator.

Turn 1:
I moved Dantes squad to the right flank from the center. My Lascannon rolled DoW and had range so fired on an ork squad and vaped an ork. I moved the rest of my units into the game, running them as well to get them as far as possible, this moved my heavies into cover, and got me a good start with my Dreads. My opponent deployed his forces too, but held 3 coptas and the commandos in reserve. He had no good shots that turn. Turn 1 ended quick.

Turn 2: My death company advanced to assault Grotsnicks squad. I killed a few orks with shots, and Dante and the RAS moved to assault the warboss. I pumped as many shots into them as possible and failed to kill any. They had lots of saves including 3+ cover and an invuln save. My dreads moved up again and popped smoke, as well as my Baal. In the assault, Dante and co. went in for the Warboss squad killed a couple, and lost a couple, tied combat. The DC went against Grotsnick and killed 3, but were wiped out by power claws. On his turn a couple of Coptas came in and dropped a template, but his shooting didnt do much except immobilize one of my dreads.

Turn 3: My shooting was vicious, the Baal moved 6 and unloaded all of its guns on his loota squad, killing half of it. My heavies swatted the defcoptas and my Vindicator took a shot, killing a few orks. Not much was in range. In the assault, my Dread assaulted Grotsnicks squad killing a few and taking no hits, and Dante routed the warboss. They then moved in towards the center to continue the sweep of the board. On his turn, his commandos came in. His shooting was again ineffectual, but he assaulted my Vindi and Dev Combat Squad. He wiped out the Devs and immobilized the Vindi. The Dread killed a few more orks, including Grotsnick, and lost an arm to a power claw. Dante and his banner moved behind the Baal to be in assault range for turn 4 and my RAS moved to take an objective.

Turn 4: This pretty much ended the game. My shooting took a toll. I fired the Vindi at another ork squad, but the shot scattered, landing half on the squad, and half on the squad that was in assault with the Dread. It killed 10 Orks. The Baal finished off his loota squad, except for one. My tac squad moved to shoot up the commandos then assaulted them. Corbulo would need to come help, but they ended up killing them off and the tac squad went back to take objective. In the assault, Dante and his banner knocked out another ork squad with a sweeping advance and the Dread would finally finish off that 30 man squad by forcing it to make a morale test, fail, then get run down in turn 5. We played out turn 5 for fun, but it was over, at the end of the turn he had a single ork on the table, and I had almost my entire army including 3 objectives held. In his defense, my opponent was trying a new Ork army build, and the location of the loot counters heavily weighed in my favor, but even had he taken more boys and less toys, I think the game would have been mine. I simply had too much firepower at distance, and when he got into bolter range, it got really messy, and Dante and co. swept through 3 squads themselves including a rock hard Command squad. If my games at the Bros. Grimm go any thing like this, I like my chances. :)

Video will be added shortly


Fritz said...

Up agasint Grotsnick no less- the ork cheezy character supreme. Blood Angels are just tallying up win after win at the shop.

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