Full Blown battle prep.

SO, I am in battle prep mode. My Black Templars are going to go into a holding pattern, and my Iyanden Farseer is going to be completed then shelfed for Fritz's competition. The Grand Tournament is about 5 weeks away, and just as important is the Brothers Grim tournament on October 19. That is 10 days! I will be representing the Brothers Sanguinius at both events. Here is what I have to do and my goals.

Goal 1:
Win best painted at Brothers Grim.

Goal 2:
Win Best Overall at Brothers Grim.

Goal 3:
Win Players Choice at Grand Tournament Baltimore

Goal 4:
Get an honorable mention at the GT Golden Daemon.

To do this I need to
Finish my life sized BA 2nd company banner

Finish my Blood Angels 2nd company army

Start and finish a display board for both events

Start and Finish Golden Daemon entries.

I plan on painting a new Honor Guard for the GT GD. I am using a Vanguard squad to do so for the Squad category. I will also build and submit a few vehicles. I am submitting a Vindicator, and Rhino. I will submit a Forgeworld Furioso Dread for Monstrous Creature, and that will also be entered for the Forgeworld best of show entry. These are VERY VERY ambitious and lofty goals for the GT. Believe me, I have no disillusions of actually winning, but it would be nice to have my models perhaps mentioned.

This will be a LOT of work. Honestly, I have no idea when I will do it...:( But I will try.

My top goals are Best painted at the brothers grim, and players choice at the GT. I think I have a shot at both. Stay tuned! :)


Fritz said...

Banner will seal the deal at Brothers Grimm and the GT. Nobody will have anything like this.

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