Jawaballs Painting Contest: 4th and 3rd place

Cannonfodder provided the 3rd place finisher and he wins Dawn of War II and a pack of bases. His piece was all around fantastic, from the hereldry on the banner to the weathered armor, not to mention the well done blending and highlights. The face is dark and gritty, the sword is effective, and the gemstones glow!

The 4th place finisher was this Terminator with Thunderhammer by Michael Ray. He wins the Terminater with Typhoon blister and a pack of bases. Contrary to my usual taste, this one has very little extreme highlighting at all, but it is outstanding none the less! What attracted me to this model was the well done subtle blending. The Right lower leg, shoulder pads and shield are good examples of what I am talking about. It is effective and simple!

Guys be sure to email me again, jawaballs at yahoo with your address so I can send you your loot.


Cannonfodder said...

Hooray- so relieved to know! Thanks for the post and the nice feedback in it. And congrats to Michael - selffullfilling prophecy -eh? ^^

Michael said...

Grats to you too Cannon! I knew it would be tough to beat you, you did fantastic work.

And self-fulfilling is right, I suppose. I should have called for first place, lol

But I am way pleased with myself, I did better than I had hoped.

Thanks again for the great fun Jawa, I'm eagerly waiting for the next competition.

Dezartfox said...

Well done guys :)

Well I haven't seen my entry yet so I assume I'm in the top 2! :D

Michael said...

grats Dezart!

i blogstalked your painting skills, and I am perfectly ok taking 4th place against painting like yours.

Very impressive work.

Flekkzo said...

Great stuff. I really like the power sword. Any chance for a quick tutorial or description of it? It was my first powersword in this comp and it was harder than I though. I want to give my IF guys some cool looking ones after all.

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