Yet another new list idea...

My list for mechanicon is pretty much set in stone based on time... I have a week left before I go. Since I dont have the models I need yet to make my new list a reality, I will be playing my already competitive BA Mech army. This will probably be that lists last hurrah!

The next tournament I go to after that will be the Battle for Salvation tournament in White Plains, NY on November 21. I will have a 2 week refit to get my boys ready to go at 2k points. I have not decided exactlly what I will roll with, but here is something I just came up with. I have beeen wanting to get a Land Raider Crusader and termies into my list. Here we go!

Chaplain (Terminator or Jump Pack)

tactical squad
Power weapon
extra armor

tactical squad
power fist
extra armor

Death Company x3
Jump packs

Furioso Dread
death company
extra armor
heavy flamer

Furioso dread

Terminator squad
LC x4
SS/TH x1

Land Raider Crusader
Extra armor
storm bolter

baal predator
extra armor
heavy bolters
storm bolter

baal predator

Attack bikes x2
multi melta

Plan? LRC gives a good dose of brick in your face. Chaplain wether i put him in termy armor or jump pack determines where he goes... If with the DC he moves up behind the LRC or Baal Preds. Corbs rides in the LRC regardless.

The preds flank the LRC and move up providing fire support.

The bikes hide and pop out to provide a safety bubble around my armor and provide tank killing punch

The furioso dreads... just run like hell and kill every thing they can!

tactical squads combat squad. leave 2 las canons behind shooting away, the melta and power weapons drive off to take objectives.

The question I have for you... Do I need the attack bikes? Can I put my dreads in pods instead? I have quite a lot of tank killing punch, would it be better to drop my dreads behind enemy lines and let them run wild? That will provide some much needed relief to my main force as they land behind tanks and pop stuff that is out of my short reach. What ya think?


Tony said...

Pods are good, but if you dont really have a precise objective (like killing a Hammerhead, owning some plague marines) it's kinda a waste. Is the flexibility really worth dropping the bikes? i dont think so.

Magilla Gurilla said...

I am glad that you kept in the Baal Predators, as I believe they are the very essence of Blood Angels.

While I think your Furioso Dreads have phenomenal paint jobs, I think rather than dropping the bikes, you might want to drop the dreads and add a third scoring unit. Having only two scoring units puts you at a disadvantage during 5 counter missions; especially if you lose one of your troop choices.

As for the attack bikes, I like them as they give you a quick strike option against transports...especially those transports that are holding troops you want to slog across the board.

Gonewild said...

I can't wait to see your LR Crusader. I anticipate it is going to be sweet.

jawaballs said...

Ive had plans for her for a year... she is sitting there on my shelf along with the forgeworld reinforced armor and doors parts. Muahahah.

AutarchAndrew said...

Jawa how would u paint a pale purple shade and pink

Flekkzo said...

AA: I've seen people paint white and then wash with purple / red on top of that. No idea if that would give you what you want at all, but worth looking at others doing on the net. Oh, and we want to see how it goes:) Pictures!

Jawa. What is your thought behind 4LC/1THSS? You probably know why I ask:) I am changing my mind all the time! They are still on the sprue, new job is eating my time.

This is untested, but go big or don't go at all. If you put your dreads in pods you can not only spread your oppnents attention but you can also use the pods to cut off all sorts of things, again spreading your opponents attention around. Neither dreads nor pods are there to do a predetermined job, but rather be a big fluent thorn in the nail. Tons of distraction. Bet people will want to deal with them instead of keeping away:)

Been thinking of expanding my not finished 1.5k list with two ironclads in pods, so I have been musing on how to make use of them. Very assaulty and killy dreads. But I don't want to risk getting one on turn one and one on turn five, so I am toying with a third pod to make sure my dreads hit home.

Or drop the dreads and replace with fast stuff to increase your mobility further. And maybe a tiny Baal extra. But that is just silly:)

Good luck at the tourney!

SgtMikey said...

From personal experience: a DC Furioso in a droppod works wonders! There's nothing like a 20-ton steelhulk wreaking havoc behind enemy lines on turn 2/3. It buys you time to advance with your rhino-wall and it totally irritates and wrecks his plans. Hint: A 5-man VAS with 2 melta and 3 combi-melta in a droppod is still deadlier, esp. against Guard (artillery squads!).

Attack Bikes: Keep 'em! They are good, if only for harrassing the enemy and drawing fire.

Terminators: I found them to be useful, but only with the support of BOTH Dante and Corb. You can attach the chaplain, but the reroll to-hit lasts only for the initial first round of combat, so be sure that you can kill what you assault.

Personally I don't like the LRC with Blood Angels, it's too expensive for an AV14 transport and you screw your tactics when you try to use it as transport AND battletank at the same time. Plus it draws a lot of fire. The only time I use a LRC is with the "Ubarbomb", consisting of a 10-man DC with chaplain. This one eats Nobz/Termis/MCs for breakfast.

jawaballs said...

4 LC 1 TH term squad is the only one I would play for BA. I only added the TH in case I have to assault a Dread or something. My disdain for the difference between Generic and BA Storm Shields is well known. Go with the LCs, kill your opponent before he gets to hit you.

Mark said...

I've been experimenting with my Land Raider Crusader for BA even at lower points. Although it's been exceptionally unlucky so far(Blown apart in the first turn of game 1, immobilised itself on turn 1 of game2) I'm convinced it's worth a go.

One thing: Have you considered transporting Death Company in it? It allows a sizeable DC that doesn't need as much herding, and protects the DC from oncoming fire (Which I've found is really bad for the DC as each casualty really reduces their effectiveness)

Flekkzo said...

Ah dang, silly differences in codexes for the same item bugs me. To me that feels sloppy of GW to be honest. Like why does a TH/SS wolf guard cost more than half as much as a standard marine one?

I guess I will have to play my way to a good load. :)

Mark said...

@Flekkzo: You're paying for flexibility. Normal Terminators get TH/SS for cheap because they don't have many options.

Flekkzo said...

@Mark Pretty big premium though. Five TH/SS wolf guards are exeptionally expensive vs a standard marine terminator squad. The claws have a far smaller premium. Having flexibility is awesome, but for that price I guess we won't see many SS around :( At least I won't pay that premium.

Michael said...

I'm going to post a batrep about this same type of list later today I think. Interesting that you should bring it up also.

My list was a bit different, and not an optimized list certainly. But I ran this:
2x LRC
3x LC termies and 2x TH/SS
3x DC with rhino
2x 5 man assault sqauds with rhinos
1 attack bike
1 dakka pred
2x DC dreads w/ HF

And I loved the list. It was a way fun game, and all the units performed just like I wanted them to.
My thoughts, trim the scoring units down for extra points. I think the points are wasted on the extra 5 marines and the special weapons, when they are really only there to score objectives imo. You have an assaulty theme and the 10 man squads take some of that away from you. You have some shooty already in the Baal preds. Your FO chart is mostly taken though, 3x elites, 3x heavies, that just leaves fast attack. Take the extra points and go for more attack bikes, or the drop pods you wanted. Just my thoughts :)

Michael said...

I just added up those points if you trimmed down the tac squads and its over 250. Thats another 5 bikes, or some drop pods. Another great choice is the HF/MM speeder, anti-tank and anti-horde.

At the very lease ditch the powerfists I think. That's 50 points that are counter-intuitive to the army. The tacs should never be coming out of the rhinos, so why put an expensive upgrade you don't plan on using, eventualities aside.

Just my 2 cents, again

SunCat said...

I think you ought to try to take Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod
with DC Furioso :)

Warren said...

I think only having a single land raider will draw a lot of anti-tank fire and your payload might not be guaranteed to be delivered quickly. I know 2x LRC is s a huge commitment in terms of points so I can understand if you didn't want to build around that.

On the plus side, it would be a big diversion from the rest of your mech, so let us know how it works out for you.

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