Jawaballs Painting Contest: Final results.

The Winner! Deagle. 1st place. And yes, this was the first example I showed weeks ago, one of the first I got. That was just coincidental though. I uploaded one of the thumbnails I had in the folder at the time and happened to grab that one. Why this one? I think you can agree, it is all around the most stunning entry I got. Not only is his blending perfect, fading to red from a deep base, but he also makes nice use of highlighting where needed. But the thing that makes this one stand out the most is the superb attention to detail. The gemstones have true luster. The parchment looks like paper, the flamer has heat corrosion, the blacks are nicely highlighted, the lenses look like glass, the eyes on the helmet... I can go on, but I will just let the picture speak for itself. This guy can paint and I am humbled by his entry. He wins his choice of terminator box sets. Shooty or Assaulty, donated by miniwargaming. The other will go to 2nd place.

Coming in at second place, and receiving the second of the two Terminator Box sets generously donated by miniwargaming, is Tim Davis. Tim is a commission painter, and his skill is obvious in his model. This is another example of using a deep base and subtle blending instead of extreme highlighting to finish the model. Some might argue it was a style, and I would agree, but the difference between this and 1st place is the smoothness of the blending and attention to detail. Compare the lower left legs and you will see an example. But take nothing away from this model by Tim. The dark look speaks of a time where there is only war. And that is what 40k is all about. Beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed the results from the first Jawaballs painting contest. I know that I certainly learned a lot by seeing all of these other great painters produce some true art. It is nice to get some inspiration for my own painting once in a while, and to see what directions other guys are going.

Be sure to thank miniwargaming for their generous donation by frequenting their store and buying your goodies from them. I think they are still running a clearence sale at this very moment! Hopefully they will provide sponsorship for my next contest and we can get even better prizes!

Once again, if you were one of the winners, email me at jawaballs at yahoo with your address so I can start sending out loot. I should hopefully have it all out within a week or so. I have decided to offer a 10% discount to every one who entered off my resin bases. Simply email me that you were an entry when you make your purchase and I will refund 10%.

Thanks for all the entries! Next contest? It will start in December in celebration of my little Jawa-Baby arriving and bringing in the new year. It will be a squad of some sort, and it will be a much wider field. But it will still need to be painted exclusively for the contest. So stay tuned and don't jump the gun!

More to come.



Dezartfox said...

Thanks for 2nd place! :)

Mik said...

Congrats to the top finishers, and everyone else who jumped on board! I picked up a lot of great tips, ideas, and techniques from all these awesome entries...

Ace said...

Congrats to the winners. I'm a big fan of the Vanus Temple termies, glad to see he placed so high.

Michael said...

grats to both the winners, you guys do great work!

Deagle said...

Wow, can't believe it! When Jawaballs first posted my image I thought no way i'll win it now.
Congratulations to everyone for such fantastic paint jobs. I know I've picked up a few things just by looking at other people's pics.
And massive thanks for Jawaballs for hosting the competition and miniwargaming for prizes!

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