Jawaballs Painting Contest: Runners Up.

In my final folder there were 11 entries. I have 4 grand prizes, a Terminator with Typhoon Missles and some bases, Dawn of War II and some bases, and two terminator box sets provided by miniwargaming. That leaves 7 entries who will each receive a pack of bases of their choice. You seven guys can pick one set of bases from my site, jawaballsproductions.com of your choice, terminator or infantry size. If you wish to purchase more, I will offer you a 10% refund on your next purchase, just email me before making it. If you would prefer, I will give you a painting video set instead.

Rather then try to assign ranks for these seven entries, I decided to simply place them together. The difference is minimal between these seven, and honestly, between many of the entries that did not make this cut. So to assign ranks is not really necessary. So if you are one of these seven guys, email me again jawaballs at yahoo, this time with your address and which bases you want, so I can get them sent out to you. Be sure to use the same email that you sent your entry from, that is how I will eliminate any scammers. (Last time I did a giveaway about 9 guys tried to scam themselves as the winner.)

So here you go, grats to every one here. I will offer up some insight on these as comments. I have no clue which order they are in and suck at trying to format these posts. :)



jawaballs said...

Oddly, 4 of these 7 are the same model. Why did any of these make the cut? They all showed something a little more special, like the terminator holding the nid head. He painted half the helmet yellow and it caught my eye. I think most of my top choices did a little more on the highlights, and I saw some nice attempts at weathering and blending. Noeste did a beautiful job with the details like the skulls and shoulder pads, they are rich and full looking. Callum had a very deep red finish, making his termie look dark and brooding, complete with black power fists, and faolin had the opposite, a very cherry and bright finish. Both great. There is a sergeant with claws and a Forgeworld shoulder pad that I liked for its crisp neat look, and the model with the hammer that shows a strong competence. Tossdin's highlights were nice and glowey, which might be what got him the nod since that is kinda how I paint.

What could all of these models have done to go one step higher? Well, I am of the extreme highlight camp. All of them could possibly use one further highlight. Mixing some blazing orange with golden yellow, or blazing orange with elf flesh would really bring out those edges. Use a nice pointy super detail reaper kolinsky sable brush and only get the extreme edges, the rounded parts of the armor, or the corners. Especially on the helmet. The first place people look is the face, so make sure that, if nothing else, pops.

So there you go with runners up. Coming up next will be spots 4 and 3.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Some really great minis in here. Congrats to you guys!
Don't envy you Jawaballs the task you must have had judging some of these. There are lots of very good painters here clearly!

Cannonfodder said...

Whoah, fierce competition indeed! I see you made yourself some real thoughts on the entries (sounds kinda wring- forgive my english)

allaho_5 said...

WoW! Really nice models guys! It's awsome to see so many well painted Blood Angels! I'm really looking forward to see the last models! :)

Btw, I'm Tossidin, dunno why my name ashows as allaho_5, as thats just my mail adress.... :P

Squirrel_Fish said...

I was the one who painted the one with the nid head. More pics can be seen on my blog - brokendice.blogspot.com

Frankly, for never having used red as a main color - I'm rather proud of myself for coming this far with it. But boy, do I find it a pain to highlight without getting an orange look.


jawaballs said...

I hear ya squirrel. I have been making effort in my recent work to get away from Orange as a highlight, as suggest in the recent White Dwarf where they use a mix of blazing orange and elf flesh i think. The secret is to go with a much darker base, so that when using Blood Red it is more of a highlight then a base color. I have been working with this and will finally get around to doing my own Space Hulk termies. When taking a good look at your pics on your blog I notice that the yellow on the mask is actually glow from the eye. Nice.

Michael said...

Great models and even better painting. Way to go all!

After seeing those Space Hulk models I thought I was sunk. Those things are gorgeous, and super detailed. Makes me want to go but the game just for the models.

I can't wait to see the top model, it will have to be dynamite to beat out these other guys.

Keep 'em coming!

Michael said...

@ Jawa, feels weird to be giving you painting advice ;), but I do a 75/25 red gore/chaos black as a base coat, then red gore as the base, then highlight up to blood red. I like the look, and it does stay away from orangey marines , which I don't like personally.

anyways, my 2 cents

jawaballs said...

Well one reason for doing this contest was to expose people to how others paint their models. So thanks! I had thought about going VERY dark like you suggest and using black/red as a base then highlighting up to blood red as the extreme highlight. Would these be too Khorny though?

Michael said...

As far as Khorney goes, no pun intended right ;) you have my model sitting there in your files, so you can see for yourself how it turns out. Granted I did more blood red on that termy than I usually do, but that is the result.

I do a Blood Angels Successor chapter with bleached bone and black thrown in, so that differentiates mine from Khornate stuff, but I think it works well, and like I said, it's not orange.

Cannonfodder said...

oh man, update. Cmon! My finger is getting wound from hitting F5.

I will post a tutorial on how I did my Redtones soon. I am preparing the models for it at the moment.

All the others- do so as well please!

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