Collegio Librarium - The BA's Seer Council?

Here is a little fun from Doc Railgun!

+++ Tranmission Begins +++
I was planning out some Apocalypse lists, and I had intended to add some Librarians with jump packs, and said to myself "why what happen if we put them all in one unit?" So, I looked deeper into how much I could bling up this BA version of the Seer Council.
For 2 decked-out Baal Predators less than 3000 points, one could field 3 of the following (plus 1 Dante) -
5 jump Librarians
a jump Sanguinary Priest
a jump Chaplain
What does this unit do?
Well, it can Deep Strike and reroll failed Reserve rolls when doing so - it only scatters 1d6" (or with Dante, does not scatter at all). It then can fire 5 Blood Lances (4d6" S8 Ap1 Lance). If it survives the onslaught of fire this unit WILL take, it then can move 12" and assault 6", making 20 WS5 I5 S10 power weapon attacks, and 8 WS5 I5 S5 attacks (4 of them power weapon attacks). If Dante has joined the squad he adds 6 W6, I7, S5 power weapons attacks of his own. All these reroll failed "to hit" rolls, all the models are Fearless and have the FNP rule (so, pretty much an extra 4+ save vs saveable wounds). Further, if Dante is with the squad it can use the Hit and Run special rule to escape combat and assault again next turn, and the enemy unit(s) assaulted could possibly by WS1 if they fail their LD check).

Of course, this is all very expensive, a 3K Apocalypse army would just be 3 of these, Dante, and 2 Baal Predators or The Sanguinor, but assuming they make their Psychic checks, they have an excellent chance of putting out a devastating volley of fire. If they're not destroyed immediately they're likely to wipe out any other unit on the table, even Superheavies or Titans. If the BAs had a way to give entire units Fleet, they'd be totally insane.

Does it have a downside? The cost, of course, and there aren't a whole lot of Invulnerable saves there. This unit also dies to high-S template weapons, as most of the models are T4. The Blood Lance and Sword of Sanguinius (S10 close combat) attacks are of course contingent on making 5 LD-based tests, but that shouldn't be too difficult with Ld10 all around.

So, what do you all think? Can we use some of Fritz' Jetbike Seer Council tactics for this unit, or is it just too expensive for how fragile it is in the Apocalypse environment? Is killing 1 Titan or some other huge beast worth around a thousand points?

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Alex said... do realise single model IC cant join another single model to make a unit right?

Jawaballs said...

Sure they can, the rule book even goes so far as to say just that. Page 48 "They can join other independent characters though, to form a powerful multi-character unit."

El Pee said...

I think one or two librarians per unit should take Shield of Sanguinus in order to give you a modicum of a save against AP 3 or lower. Also, what about throwing a power fist on your chaplains, just so you get a high strength hit that isn't leadership dependent? Other than that, I kinda dig it. I would argue against the Sanguinor, as his really killer special ability wouldn't apply to this contingent unless you want to put a 5 man assault squad out somewhere to get a token vet sergeant.

Jawaballs said...

How about just adding a 5 man assault squad to this lot for 115 points including PW. Now you got wounds!

dzer0 said...

As awesome as this unit sounds, I would hate to see it go poof with a single strength-D blast. If it can make it past the initial Deep Strike turn, this unit would be absurdly fun to play.

Doc Railgun said...

I agree. The models die waaaay too easily. It's not a game-breaker by any means, it was just a fun bit of Apocalypse silliness.

Nikkin said...

Why not a Honor Guard? They have a free sanguinary priest and each guard have a large section of equipment, like meltagun, power sword, power fist and thuder shield.

I'd like to play a reclusiarch with jump pack and power fist with honor guard with jump packs, lightning claws, thunder hammers and chapter banner... in charge are 16 WS4 S5 I5 claws attacks that re-roll to hit and wound, 4 WS4 S5 I5 normal re-roll to hit attack from sanguinary priest and 5 WS5 S5/9 I6/1 power weapon/fist attacks that re-roll to hit from the all are fearless, have a nice Sv 3+/3++ and Feel no Pain...XD

Jawaballs said...

Even better! Take an HG or Vanguard and give them all storm shields.

Nikkin said...

Vanguard can have more model than the HG (limited to 5) but lost the free sanguinary priest and the opportunity than him and the attached HQ are untergettable because they all act like a single unit and wonds must be allocated by BA player ^^

With the jump packs they can deep strike, or they can be embarking in a stormraven for more mobility or for a first turn assault

allaho_5 said...

Deep strike them and then cry when the disruptor beacon makes them deploy on the board edge... :P

It would definitely be fun, just hide them behind a line of tanks (or in one), and blast away. Not gamebreaking, but fun, as apocalypse should be.
I do not believe it would be wery effective though, str D blasts will just ruin your day

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