Jawaballs joins something special. Come win an army!


Well here it is, "The Great Storm Wardens Project"

We have gotten so much out of this hobby and our blogs that we decided to give back a bit and work together on something awesome, and give money to charity.

The end result will be an incredible painted army going to one of you, the WINNER of this drawing.

The Army.

The Storm Wardens are a new Space Marine chapter from the yet to be released Death Watch RPG. Together with Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games (Horus Heresy, Wings of War) has been developing the game which will be released this summer.

We approached the folks designing the Death Watch game while planning this project, and told them we were thinking of building a Storm Wardens army, and they loved the idea. They have been working with us in getting the look of the army just right and giving us some great unreleased fluff and imagery.

We are going to build a complete Storm Wardens Space Marine army with a decked out HQ, Marines, Veterans, Scouts, Terminators, and a bunch of vehicles, a massive army that any commander would be proud to field.

You will be able to see the army units come together and follow the army build progress through links to all the builders blogs on our "Storm Wardens" mini blog roll.

Who will be working on the army?

Thomas Wynn ( Wynn Studios)

Ron Saikowski (From the Warp)

Mister Justin (Secret Weapon Miniatures)

Mik (Miks Minis, Barter Bucket)

and us, Mike & John (Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Along with the blogger build team, we are going after some related hobby retailers to give up some loot to add to the army prize. Secret Weapon Miniatures is donating all the custom bases, and Chessex has already sent us the custom dice.

What can you do?

Well, you can give money to the cause. You can give to the fund at the top right of this page or any of the other participating bloggers, using PayPal or a credit card. Each dollar will also enter you in the free army grand prize drawing, the more you give, the better your chance of winning, and more money we can give to charity.

We will draw the winner in mid July.

What if I don't have any money, but I still want to help?

Dig around under the couch cushions or under the seat of your car, put on some dark sunglasses and sell pencils out of a cup on the street corner, or even sell some extra Warhammer minis on Ebay, then use that cash for a donation.

You can also help by linking to this project in your blog, telling your friends and other gamers, mention it at your gaming club or even posting about it in your favorite forums, this will help us get the most exposure we can, so we can raise more money for charity.

If you have a small business (or know someone who does) that might have a product to donate that would be great to add to this army, contact us about a feature during the build.

Why should I help out?

If you have ever read something on our blogs that you thought was cool, gave you a good idea, showed you how to do something better, downloaded a free drop pod template, used the Barter Bucket, or perhaps you even got something from us for free and you are feeling a bit guilty about it.... well, now is your chance to give something back, pay it forward, return a good turn.... well you know.

Oh yeah, and you could end up with an entire finished army, by giving $1 to the Storm Wardens Project.

Where does the money go?

The money will be a gift from us to Doctors Without Borders, and actually help people. We chose Doctors without Borders because their cause is a global pursuit to help people in need, where ever help is needed most, and they have a good track record with getting the $ where it does the most good.

So there you have it. I hope you are all as exited about this as we are, its been tough keeping it a secret.

So.......who wants a new army?

John Mike

That was the official announcement post from John and Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer who have been planning this whole thing.  When I got the email inviting me to join this all star team of blogger painters, it took me all of .2 seconds to send my reply. Absolutely! After some of the details were banged out in the group emails, I finally figured out my role in this thing. 

I will be painting a 10 man tactical squad with a Rhino, and The Company Champion from the Honor Guard! Here is a picture of the Sergeant from the Tactical squad Work in Progress:

With all of these talented guys, I know I will be hard pressed to produce work worthy of the honor bestowed to me, but I think will hold my own! I am definitely packing my A game. 

Just to clarify some details. I have created a donation button at the top right of my blog. Click the button and use paypal to donate as much as you want. For every dollar you donate, you will get one entry into the drawing. There is no limit to the number of entries you can make. Donate 100 dollars, and your name will be entered 100 times. Easy! The army will be a well balanced Space Marine force of around 1850 points. 

If you are going to donate more then one dollar, please do it all at once. Paypal takes a good amount of every transaction. Donating one dollar will only bank us about .65c. But the fee does not go up with the total of the transaction. So donating 20.00 will get us 19.65.  Got it?

Check the other participants out to see what they are working on and to see Work in Progress pics. Also check back here for more!

I will update this post as more information becomes clear.

More to come...



Adam said...

I've donated. It's for a good cause that goes towards supporting people who actually do something and not just run their charity as a money making business.

allaho_5 said...

This is a really good idea, and I am impressed that you guys are going to actually do it. I am really looking forward to seeing how this turns out, and will be sure to donate some money when I get to it :)

Flekkzo said...

That Sergeant looks pretty nifty. How did you guys model him up? If the rest of the army is equally awesome it sure looks worth entering for the chance to win the army. You are free to do what you want with the money:)

40k Junkie said...

Wow- really great cause. Glad to help out, besides who could say no to a chance to win a beautifully painted army.

Jawaballs said...

He is a veteran model from the MKII vet pack I think, the arm is from the Devastator box set. All of the marines I paint will look like this one. Though with the exception of the champion, not as fancy. THey are just a normal tactical squad. You can bet that the rest of the army will be better painted then my stuff!

BrotherYorei said...

I'll see what I can come up with in the next week or so to donate. On another note; now I feel I need to change my successors color scheme. lol

Tomas said...

Do we bid on him? and if so when does the bidding start?

Jawaballs said...

No bidding. Simply make a donation using the button at the top right of my blog. For every dollar you donate, you name will be entered once into the drawing. All you need is a dollar and a dream!

Eric said...

As a warhammer wannabe player I've watched all your videos on youtube and throughly enjoy your work. Great to see that your enthusiasm, skill, and spirit for the hobby is being used for charity!

Rob said...

I'm impressed by the project, and I'm always happy to help out a worthy cause. Is there a way to donate more than $20 at a pop?

Jawaballs said...

Thanks Eric! And Rob, just go ahead and use the 20 button. We will lose a bit, but it's the easiest way.

Sigurður said...

Awesome enterprice, mind sharing with us the colour scheme, as after donating I started reading up on the chapter on the FFG site, and I sort of like it. So might actually just start them regardless.

Jawaballs said...

Bottom half of legs Boltgun Metal, then washed with Badab Black, then use chainmail then mithril. FOr the blue parts, regal blue, with highlights of 50/50 regal/enchanted, finally enchanted. I am throwing together a tutorial.

Voidwalker said...

This is just one reason this hobby is so great. We have people that take what they love and use it to make the world a better place.

That and sheer raw talent does not hurt!


Ian said...

How do you register to actually win the army?

Jawaballs said...

Just click on the button at the top right of my blog and donate.

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