Storm Wardens! Tonight on Jawabals Live.

Storm Wardens!  Tonight on Jawaballs Live.

 Join me tonight at 6pm EST as I work on my Storm Warden Tactical Squad for the collaborative army build charity drawing.  I will be demonstrating how I paint them by working on a tactical marine, and rhino, as well as sharing a little bit of exclusive and as yet unreleased fluff straight from the designers of the chapter.  Click on the picture of me with the giant space marine to the right for the link.

See you there!  Jawaballs


Michael Hogan said...

I thought the Sergeant looked great. Hope the entire army comes out as great. Looks like a great army background.

Michael Hogan said...
This is where you can find out information about Storm Wardens and their "fluff" for those who asked in the stream.

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