This week on Jawaballs Live! Jawaballs does a Hand Painting demonstration on Storm Warden Rhino

Hey all, Jawaballs here. You do not want to miss this week's show!  Tune in to Jawaballs Live! at 6pm EST. You can find the show by clicking on the picture of me with the giant space marine on the right of my blog.

First of all, I will be demonstrating some hand painting techniques on this rhino here.  You will get to see my process, from image design to implementation, including my pre-sketch work. But also, John, from Santa Cruz Warhammer  will be in attendance. We will be doing the next Storm Wardens mini giveaway live.  The way this works is that every one who has donated is eligible for a mini giveaway from the Storm Wardens project. The winner will simply be picked from random from all of the donation entries and announced live on my show.  Yes, if you have donated 100.00, your name has been entered 100 times and you have a greater chance of winning something then a guy who donated 10 dollars. You need not be actually viewing the broadcast to win.  Tonight's prize will be 50.00 of store credit from MY STORE. Plus John may have something more to offer up from the Storm Wardens prize pool.  Yes, we will ship prizes WORLD WIDE!

But also, I will be offering yet more giveaways taken from my own personal loot stash, available ONLY to guys who are actually watching the broadcast and who made a donation.  In order to be eligible for one of the mini Jawa-giveaways, you need to also have made a donation to the Storm Wardens army giveaway. The link to do so is on the top right of my blog. So go search the floor of your car and come up with some change and make that donation!  I will be picking a few items from my tournament loot shelf and donating them to the cause! Winning mini giveaways will NOT affect your chances to win the grand prize in July. These are bonus prizes just for having thrown your name into the hat.  Get your donations in early! The sooner you have made your donations, the more prizes you can win. You have to be in it to win it.

Finally in the spirit of giving, I still have some Army Dice from Custom Game Dice. I will be giving out the rest of the Yellow Fist dice and Chaos dice that were donated by Scott.  You need not have donated to get these. Just be watching the show!

It will be an hour show packed full of great painting tips and loot giveaways. You do NOT want to miss it!  Also, Fritz may just make another appearance and you guys will be able to pick his brain as well.  Lots of great stuff.

See you tomorrow night!



Grajo said...

One little question off the topic (sorry)...

What blues did you used to paint this rhino??

Jawaballs said...

Regal and Enchanted. There is a recorded tutorial session of me painting this rhino on my show channel. Click the picture of me on the right with the big space marine to see it!

Ultramarine Jake said...

Uh question im new here so would we just want to tune in for the chat just to watch you paint the rhino or can we ask questions thats not involved with the rhino

Jawaballs said...

i answer all questions!

sargejoc said...

hey uh, how do you make your volcanic bases?, what do you use to make the rock and the bubbles? ...xXJZpwnXx... :)

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