List Help! A request to review a 2500 point list.

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Hey Jawaballs, how have you been?
I haven't messaged u in a while since I haven't had anything too important to say lol.
Anyways, I just picked up a Blood Angels Dex and a couple Baal Preds and Vindis just to try something different from my Space Wolves. So far I really like the list tho I am not too much of a fan of the Asscan Baal and i'll probably end up trying the flamer variant. Anyways I just kind of wanted your own "professional" Blood Angels opinion on my list.
Well, here it goes...


3x Furioso Dreadnoughts with undecided weapons all in Drop Pods

6x of this troop choice
5 man Assault Squad in Razorback with TL Las

3x Baal Predators with either Asscan Combo or Flame combo

3x Vindicators

Ok so that's my 2500 list. Hope it's not too rushed lol. Also, may I add that the points only come to about 2250 so do you think I should take an Honor Guard Squad in another Las Razorback? Or Maybe the Sanguinor as an HQ? Anyways thats it for now. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Take care, Mark

Hey Mark, thanks for writing!  From a strictly competitive do or die point of view, I have a few suggestions.  Forget the pods. Drop pod assault will mean that two of them have to come down round one, and will either find nothing to shoot, or come out of their pods surrounded by melta guns and take it in the ass.  Without Venerable to force rerolls, they are dead.  Make them all Librarians instead and run them up behind your Baal Preds or Razor wall.

Mephiston? I love him, but drop him.  Take a regular libby and throw him in one of the Razors.  Spend the extra 150 points buying your dreads the libby upgrade.  Oh, and give them shield of sang and wings.  

Flame or asscan? Have faith in your wargear private!  Go with the Asscan.  Maybe take one flamer.  They work wonders against Eldar seer councils if you can catch em on the table first turn.  

Vindicators or Predators?  That is up to your taste.  Both are good, but I feel predators with auto cannon/las sponsons are superior.  Give your tanks Hunter Killer missiles, as many as you can fit in.  

No, your army will not be an assault freak.  But you ahve enouth redundancy to take heavy losses and still keep shooting, and enough hard hitting punch to do a lot of damage, for a couple rounds, cover saves be damned! Your dreads will have to handle the assault punch. Support them with your squads that you should upgrade with PWs and Meltaguns. Get a priest in there to give your dreads FC.  

That should get you in nice shape!



douglas said...

I would suggest getting a sang priest or three since you have all those small squads in razors. With a sang priest it will make each one seem like a 10 man group and will let them survive alot longer.

Ultra Vulkan said...

Ive boasted on this one before, and I may be the only one BUT I have to preach it again. Im not one for the RAZ squads... Ive played a number of games with them, and I just dont find they have the staying power I want (nor the assault). If im going to play gunline, I might as well play guard (can do it better and cheaper). I like running my squads 9 deep with a priest in a rhino (melta gun, fist, melta pitsol and power weapon on preist). I find these guys hang on those objectives really well, are beast in Close Combat against most other troops (and those banshees and genestealers I take out with the baal preds). I may be alone here, but give it a try sometime. Then again, im not the most veteran of player, so take it with a grain o salt.

PsychoSquire said...

I would lose two furioso's.. make the remaining a libby.

Lose two vindicators and go for predators, either put las sponsons on the side, or t.l las the turret and use no sponsons.. the difference is how you want to play them.. they are fast, so you can move 12 and get alot of side armor with a twin linked las cannon.. or hold them back and move 6 and pound away with two and an autocannon.

Dont use sponsons on your baal's and run them 3 deep with only one flamer if any. The one flamer coming in off the side can be a very handy tool, but only in one in so many games, otherwise it just puts you smack dab into melta range.

All of your assault squads should have upgrades, minimally a melta and power wpn. But to be done up right should have melta, infernus, hand flamer.

Priests, priests priests,.. go with a minimum of two. One on offensive side to take those far objectives or help clean up the enemy in annihilation missions.

And Mephiston is great but for his cost you can have two regular libbys with a 5+ save (shield of sanuinius)to help protect your mech, and later help keep a squad on an objective. AND with a lance weapon (blood lance).. pay the extra points and have your offensive libby be an epistolary so he can shield AND wipe out vehicles.
And you may want to consider the str 10 psychic power on your defensive libby, as it works wonders against contesting MC's.

Feuermann said...

I'm thinking to use "tycho" and corbulo in a sternguard vets unit in capsule followed by a hammer termies unit with priests in termie armour. Yes, I'm not a fan of the turbotank list =P

good luck

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