Coming soon from The Army Painter! Crystal Blue.

A little bird over seas sent me this snippet of images of an as yet unreleased color spray prime from The Army Painter.  After first using their black and white spray primes and falling in love, I got my hands on some Dragon Red and it is simply outstanding for painting Blood Angels. Be looking for tutorials on that soon!  As a little teaser for things to come, I thought I would share these images of their upcoming blue spray primer.

Here is the image primed blue.

Great stuff!  

More to come. Jawaballs


jmezz382 said...

Interesting ...... how are dark colors and white colors appling to the blue primer ? Notice an easier of the two to use ?

Alex said...

looking forward to the guide on the dragon red, got some of that myself not long back but havnt had much chance to try it out yet, seems about the same colour ish as mechrite red though so hope its as good!

Jawaballs said...

I have not had a chance to play with this blue paint yet. This was sneak peek stuff from my Army Painter contact! An indepth dragon red review will be in August. I am waiting for Army Painter to get their stock built up! I can say that it is fantastic though. I lined up two tanks, one that I painted by hand to get a nice base coat... about an hour worth of layering... and one I painted with DR in like 20 seconds. The DR looked better! I was shocked.

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