This week on Jawaballs Live!

This week on Jawaballs Live! Join Jawaballs as he presents part two of "Hand Painting a Storm Wardens Rhino". I will be doing the lettering on the hand painted scrolls on the top of the tank.  Also, be looking for the next mini giveaway! You must be a contributer to qualify for the giveaway. Jawaballs will dip into his loot pile once again for another prize.  Oh, and last weeks winners will go into the mail today. Sorry it has taken me so long! It is a busy time of the year for me at work and I cant always play with interwebs business!



Flekkzo said...

This time I'll make a note of bringing the headphones so I can join in the fun from work and I look forward to my dice:) Having a minor plan to mod them to look more IF to me:)

Looking forward to the show.

Brother Aremok said...

Should i start feeling guilty about taking all your blisters now jawa?

Brother Aremok

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