This week on Jawaballs Live!

Tonight on Jawaballs Live! I will be putting some finishing touches on my Space Hulk Terminator Librarian. and working on finishing up the rest of my terminators.

But this week's show is being pushed back to starting at 7pm EST. This week the Jawa-wife has some business to attend to so I have to start later.  Sorry Euros!  I will probably get the camera up and running pretty early though and will be popping in and out, but have to commit to the baby first!  I will be back to my regular start time next week.

Coming up... I am still working on trying to get Fritz to make a guest appearance. Also, I am planning live shows from both Gamesday and Bolscon!  Gonna be a great summer.  Jawaballs


AutarchAndrew said...

Defently be there

HuronBH said...

Awesome, the 7PM start time means I can actually make it this week.

Nagamo said...

Freaking funny! I´m awaiting the jawagirlfriends... *gg

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