New project work in progress!

First of all, don't forget to catch my weekly live broadcast tonight on ustream!

I wanted to share a few pictures of work in progress.

First up is my Chaplain Lemarte model. I was dieing for an excuse to paint him and it was a no brainer when I decided to use a reclusiarch in my army. This model is beautiful and was pretty easy to paint.

Also I have a Blood angels terminator sanguinary priest. I used the terminator chaplain model, but switched him up a bit. I used the t hammer and s shield bits for arms. On the right arm I used a power weapon and hand from the Death Company box set. On the shield arm I cut the hand off from a tactical marine left arm and glued it in place, then used the grail from Space Hulk. This is a work in progress, so I obviously need to work on the scrolls and other details, but I am happy so far, especially with the skull.

Finally here are some pictures of my newest banner commission, The Dark Angels Chapter Banner!

I will update and talk about the banner later.
Crap, time is up. More to come!



sovietspace said...
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sovietspace said...

Oh my, I would sell you my soul for that banner! How I'd love the deathwing one! I'm sure its going to turn out awesomely, like your other banners...

jawaballs said...

I accept your soul as payment. :)

sovietspace said...

Haha, I'll get a jiffy bag for it!

Michael said...

love the chaplain models, I am getting my own Terminator Reclusiarch finished up here. I'll post him in a bit on my blog.

I played a game with my Terminator Reclusiarch and he was awesome. Leading Terminators he wiped Vulkan and his crew on the charge. It was glorious.

Keep reports coming on how your chaplains are working. Second, how do you like priests in Terminator armor? The invul is nice, and the free power weapon is great. I ran 2 of them in the last game and they worked well.

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