Hobby: Painting Tau FAST!

Hey all. I thought I would share a broader part of my hobby today and show you a quick picture of a new project I have started. Well, not really new, I have had these models for over a year, but I have finally decided to take the plunge and build and paint my Tau! This project is being done during my spare time, in between sessions of the massive overhaul of my Blood Angels army.  I am pretty much starting from scratch with my Blood Angels, so need a break from the red now and again!

I have videos on the way showing a nice step by step process on this, and will be posting up a tutorial here on the blog, but I wanted to share with you a WIP pic of one of my Tau Crisis Suits!  This suit took no more than 10 minutes to paint using Army Painter Desert Yellow spray and Medium tone Quick Shade.  Sure it is not perfect, but in my opinion it looks great for any table top, and an entire army painted to this standard could easily win Best Painted at many tournaments.  Look for the tutorial next week!



Anonymous said...

Tau??? your actually gonna play tau??? Dont you know all tau players are annoying?

lol jk, yeah that model is nice and what does the toner do? Also how did you get the yellow tan?... thanks to [insert product placement here] =D


AutarchAndrew said...

remember jawa this fall the challenge you should play tau in the BFS tournament

jmezz382 said...

Nice stuff. I mix other models in with my current projects to help keep the 1000 yd stare from forming. I understand your pain !

Jawaballs said...

A good example of the toner at work is on the feet of the model. The shaded effect is the result! And the color is simply Desert Yellow. I sprayed the grey plastic with the color spray prime. Thats it!

And yes, Tau are annoying. If people thought my Blood Angels were annoying, they are in for it!

Kroxitau said...

The paint scheme looks familiar (http://kroxitau.blogspot.com)

Tau are awesome, Go markerlights!


Kroxitau said...

Army painter is pretty crazy. I have had my Tau army for almost a decade but I just decided to paint it recently. It only took me took weeks to paint my entire army, and that's with working and hanging out with friends and other social activities.

I think they look really good and have gotten a fair amount of compliments on them at tournaments and such.

tim said...

i play tau, and i have to say that if you can find the points, 19 kroot, a shaper, and 12 kroot hounds with 6+ saves are the closest to deathstar the tau have, and are fun. 36 S 4 WS 4 I 5 attacks followed by 62 S 4 WS 4 I 3 attacks (if all your kroot are alive :-) will wipe out any squad.

Aldonis said...

So the white lining is just from the Dipping? Wow that's impressive!

Jawaballs said...

No, I went in afterwards and touched up some of the edges on the front. But after dipping, the difference was minimal between the ones i hit and the ones i did not..

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