Storm Wardens Collaborative Army Build Update!

This is it! I am coming down the home stretch. I have to say I would have been done a while ago, and have done more, but the Jawababy waits for no man, movement or model.  I know next time I will be able to contribute a whole lot more.  My champion from the Company Command squad is done, as is the rhino. Today I am finishing up the 10 tactical marines.  I sent the Jawababy off to day care! :)  '

There is still time to enter the drawing to win the complete army! You can find more details by clicking HERE.

In case you just got back from Mars or escaped from Michael Jacksons secret hyperbolic chamber, a group of talented bloggers, and myself, got together to paint up an army!  We hit up a ton of business for more contribution, plus got a boat load of stuff for free from other guys that just wanted to help. All of this stuff is being given out to YOU! You only need contribute to the fund by purchasing a ticket, or ten.  Just check out the official press release and join the fun! The final drawing is July 25th. Hurry because I believe the time to contribute ends soon.



Jason said...

Love the champion! Well done on the painting, and the cause.

AutarchAndrew said...

the freehand on the rhino looks beast A++ work

josue said...

how many calles

BJ said...

Awesome work as always, I love the freehand on the Rhino!

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