The joys of list building!

Me and Fritz posing it up with the BOLS crew!

In case you didn't know, Jawaballs is going to the Hard Boys finals this week. Needless to say, I have been working furiously writing lists, re-equiping my army to be wysiwyg, and doing it over and over. No small chore at 2500 points!  I have not been posting my list on the blog in the name of secrecy. Not that any of my possible opponents really care what Jawaballs is fielding at Hard Boys... but still.  No need to be too shary too early!

Any way, I think I have banged out the final version, and just finished converting every model... again.  The warcouncil has met several times, the sages have been consulted, and my fingers have been glued together. I think I am done!

So what is in the list?  If you caught my broadcast tonight you know. Otherwise, you will have to wait until I post up my Hard Boys Finals results.  And boy will I be glad when it is over.  I would love to sit back and say it does not really matter, but who am I fooling. This IS important.  I want cred!  Being the only Blood Angels player to qualify for Vegas using the PDF matters not.  I need to do well at Hard Boys to finally announce my arrival.  Sure most of 'good' players scoff at something like Hard Boys and choose not to participate for any number of reasons like cheezy armies, lucky dice, dirt bag players, ruining the spirit of the game etc. But frankly, I don't care. Guys who do well in Hard Boys are hard core and worthy of respect in my book.  I want to be hard core. I would not mind being amongst the best players in the country even if this year that title will belong to people at three different events.  

What are my chances? Slim.  Not to downplay my skills with fake modesty. I know how to play the game and I feel that my ability to visualize the battlefield from an artists perspective gives me an advantage. But every one at Hard Boys finals is good.  I say slim because of my chosen army. Blood Angels players just have not figured out the uber connection yet to set the codex above the top.  I hate to say it, but guard is still pumping out stronger, more efficient armies.  It is not a complaint, just a fact.  Can my army beat the guard Alpha strike?  With a little luck for sure! In fact, that is what it all comes down to. Luck.  A couple weeks ago I played Danny Internets in a tournament in which he got the first turn and tabled me in 4 turns.  Our game was so short we had time to try it again, only giving me the lucky Seize the Initiative, and sure enough, I returned the favor.  With Corbulo I had two tries, not bad odds, just needed that little push!  I should have rubbed my rabbits foot that day.  It came down to something as simple as a die roll deciding the game. The point is that Hard Boys is just three games being played by the best players in the country, as proven by their placing in the top three in two prior tournaments.  All of us got skills, all of us are packing armies that can win. The only questions is... who will lady luck shine upon this time?  Can I get that lucky die roll to go my way three games in a row? It is a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Hopefully I will bring the Dynamite this Saturday!

After the tournament I will post up the list I played with, the list I was going to play with, and the list I used to get there but abandonded.  

What is next for me? I need to submit my list for Bolscon which I will do tomorrow. Then I need to git paintin!  I am going to Bolscon to not only compete for the win in the 2k tournament, but I want to compete for Best Painted.  Plus Goatboy and I are gonna put a whoopin on Fritz and Brent.  Truth be told though, I am not painting my army for Bolscon. I am painting it for myself. I formerly prided myself upon never playing grey plastic in a tournament, or any game.  And since the baby came I am embarrassed to say I have done just that.  One thing I am known for is a high standard in painting and I need to reclaim that standard for my self.  I wish to have my army completed by Gamesday and in the armies on parade.

After that, be looking for my Tau army to march it's way into the first Battle for Salvation GT pitting me in a struggle not to finish last.  All I really want is to get Fritz on the table and put the Tau Hurt on him. I will become a student of Stelek in the next few months for sure! Then my Blood Angels will make an appearance at The Warstore Weekend, and again at Mechanicon.  Hopefully not long after that I can start a space pirate army bristling with Dark Lances and Jawasluts!  

Oh, if you have not paid attention to my live broadcasts, don't miss next Wednesday, I will be painting my first Jawa-slu... Jawa-girlfriend. :)

Finally, Next weekend July 25th, I will be hosting the drawing for the Storm Wardens army live!  Reserve that sunday!  

Ok enough typing, I need to get back to posting more often so I have less to say!  



Teageltron said...

Good luch Jawa.

And from the famous words of Ricky Bobby " if your not first your last"

Nikkin said...

Good luck Jawaballs

Anonymous said...


you should sacrafice a dove or something for luck, blood for the blood god?


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