Jawaballs Ebay auctions!

As much as I love Bartertown and Rogue Market, sometimes you just get sick of dudes demanding that you ship first because they have a number that is a little bit higher than yours, or dickering with you for 3 weeks over nothing then backing out of a deal.  Ebay tends to simplify things sometimes.  So I am offering a few items up on ebay!  Check below. I will be adding more stuff asap. Going up for sale? A Black Templars speeder, BT terminator squad, Blood Angels Death Co. Dreads with drop pods, Vampire Counts Blood Knights, and lots more!  Check back often to catch a great deal on a sweet painted model.



Anonymous said...

Your selling those sexy blood knights of yours? even though fantasy 8 just came out??? damn well the jawababy needs more diapers I guess =)


Jawaballs said...

Im not really feeling the Vampire vibe. I havnt totally committed to selling them yet, the price would have to be right! I'm thinking I will go Ogres or something.

Steve said...

did the DC dreads already go?

oni said...

"Im not really feeling the Vampire vibe"

Time to ditch the Blood Angels. :P

Jawaballs said...

I have not put the DC dreads up yet. Hopefully next week I can spend a full day setting up auctions.

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