The gauntlet has been dropped... Plus this week on Jawaballs Live!

The gauntlet has been dropped!  Jawaballs and Fritz answer. A youtube follower has challenged us to come out and put our reputations on the line. So ask and we deliver!  Baring an unforseen development, Fritz and I will be traveling out to The Battle Standard  at 194 Buckland Hills Drive Unit 2002, Manchester CT 06082 for some 40k action on Friday, July 9th. 

We will be arriving around 2 or 3 PM and taking on all challengers, but I have a game reserved for Haloister123 from Youtube and his Chaos army.  I just called the venue and spoke to Tommy and he said open gaming usually starts around 5, so hopefully we can get started early! 

What else is coming up? 

Jawaballs and Fritz will be at Bolscon  on Thursday, July 29 and staying for the weekend. Come play in our Massive appocalypse challenge on Thursday night and pick a side... Eldar vs Blood Angels!

Also, come meet us at Gamesday 2010 Click the link to see a picture of Jawaballs on the GW website!  Gamesday is on Saturday, August 21. Fritz and Jawaballs will have their meet and greet painting tips and tactics club table again this year. Come challenge us to a game on our full sized table, or take part in an HQ Gladiator event! 

On August 14th, Fritz and I may be traveling to The Nova Open.  More on that to come.

Coming up in November look for Jawaballs and Fritz at Mechanicon! They ran their first annual event last fall and it was fantastic where yours truly finished 3rd, narrowly losing 1st due to Corbulo failing a 3+ armor save on the last shot of the game...  I cant wait to play again this year!

Battle for Salvation will be running it's first Grand Tournament on Columbus Day weekend as of now. More on that to come.

And finally, tomorrow on Jawaballs Live! join Jawaballs as he  puts the finishing touches on his contribution to the Storm Wardens collaborative army build for charity.  Show starts at 6pm EST but may be on even sooner, I tend to start the show when I get the opportunity. By the way, check out the Storm Wardens Blog for pics of the finished models in the army. Mine will be posted up soon.

Lots of great news and notes.  I hope to see as many of you as possible at upcoming events! 



HuronBH said...

It would be great to see you guys down here for the Nova Open. Bill and I will be doing some podcasting and live coverage of the the pre-tournament festivities on Friday night and the post tournament festivities on Sunday. I will also be playing in the 40K tournament with my Griffons.

Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

I don't know either you or Fritz personally, but if you are thinking about heading down for the Open let me know ... I can potentially open up 16 more slots in 40k, just need the right number of waitlistees (and we're close); additionally, I'd love to get you both in on the "Whiskey Challenge" exhibition matches on Friday night before the main tournament.

- Mike

Saab(Greg) said...

Doh! Way to make the your GT the same weekend as my wedding

jmezz382 said...

Kick some Jawa Nuts ..... !!!! Go Jawaballs

Jawaballs said...

DUDE Greg! I sadly have nothing to do with planning at all. In fact I have little to do with any thing at all since Jack came! Im not sure on the date. Maybe I am wrong. I will post up an official announcement once I know for sure.

Saab(Greg) said...

I was bustin you baals; your tourney last month I had a wedding to go to also. I've been so busy with trying to graduate and getting married, but I'm sure that's nothing compared to a baby. On top of that my new Blood Ang. . . I mean Raven Guard army isn't done yet.

BTW Grim tourney July 24th

tristan said...

Well I hope myself will be able to go to Games Day. This will be a first for me. So i was thinking would it be a good idea to car poll with friends and we can share a hotel and gas is that good?

Sean said...

The Battle Standard is a nice little store. And Tommy the owner is a great guy. Alex and I play there together, and he has known Tommy for some time. This is Sean from the ordo ineptus by the way.

And Greg I am definitely gona try and come down for that tournament on the 24th, I missed the last one because I wasnt gona drive down 2 days in a row with hardboyz there that weekend as well.

Danny Internets said...

I hope you guys are both able to make it to Nova. Ed is planning on going too and I believe James is too. With Bobby and I that will be 6 from our club alone!

Black Matt said...

James said he was having a hard time getting in. I doubt he tried that hard though.

Jawaballs said...

We could have got in but alas wife agro would have been too great for us both. Next year for Nova!

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