Gamesday 2010!

Jawaballs (the handsome portly man on the left) takes on a challenger at Gamesday 09

Tomorrow Fritz and I scoop up Brother Captain James and head on down to Baltimore for Gamesday 2010!  Like last year we will have a club table this year, and be offering more of the same. Bring your models and I will be more than happy to give you painting advice, or bring your army lists and pick the inner depths of Fritz's brain for tactical knowledge.  But we have a couple of special treats for you!

First of all, join our day long meat grinder event!  Come packing a 1k army with an HQ and two troops, painted of course, and join the fun.  At any given time, if you want to join the fray, all you need to do is put your forces into reserve. At the start of the next turn, you automatically come into the game and start shooting. Your objective? Take the center of the board. Every turn prizes will be given out to those who have it!

The prizes? Well, you are competing for a 1500 point space wolves army painted by Fritz!  Prizes will be in the form of tickets for a drawing being held at the end of the day. The winner takes home the army!

In addition to the meat grinder, we will have open gaming tables where you can bring your 1850-2k point list and challenge Jawaballs or Fritz.

Finally we will have the Storm Wardens army on display, and the winner of the army will be coming to collect his prize and play his first game against John from Santa-Cruz Warhammer, who is flying out to the east coast just for this opportunity.

So, come check out Jawaballs' Blood Angels, Fritz's Saim-Hann, the Storm Wardens, some nice hand painted banners and good old fashioned fun!  Cant wait to see you all there!



Ultradude2468 said...

Does the 1850 pts armies have to be painted or is it like the apocalypse game where they must be painted because ive been lazy with my stuff and only have 1k painted so far

Jawaballs said...

Bring painted armies guys. No unpainted models will be allowed on the tables. Sorry!

SC John said...

Jawa you will have to coach me, as I am painfully slow at gaming.

How about a team of builders use my Death Guard Vs the Storm Wardens, otherwise it will take all day.

I am looking forward to some gaming lessons/tips.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Jawaballs said...

We will get you right into shape man!

Kevinmcd28 said...

hahaha man I wish I could go, Id really like to duke it out with both of you! Maby next time, hope its fun!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Hey, Jawaballs! I was at Games Day too and had the chance to finally meet you in person, although you were too busy kicking ass with your awesome looking Blood Angels. You might remember me - had an Ork Games Day shirt and we shouted in front of your camera "JAWABALLS AND FRITZ!!!"
Oh and you also gave my buddy your Blood Angels list - he was extremely happy!

It was a long ride for us - from IL to MD.. like a 13 hour drive on the way there.. ;) But it was WORTH it.

Ultradude2468 said...

Sounds like this guy had a great time......well, I bet everyone did (including me)

BrotherYorei said...


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