Streaming Live this week: Jawaballs preps for Nova Open!

A taste of the new Jawa Army.

This week on Jawaballs Live! Check out my Nova Open army. Jawaballs will put the finishing touches on his 2k point army for the Nova Open, discussing painting theme, army build and tactics, as well as Nova Open scenarios rules and possible titles including Renaissance Man.  This is an award that takes into account Painting, Sportsmanship and Game Performance. Me Want!  

Also don't miss every ones favorite Jawa-slut in progress! 

She will get some finishing of her own. :) 

Jawaballs streams live video every Wednesday night on his own Ustream channel at 6pm EST. CLICK HERE for the URL!


^Agent9 said...

hahahaha is that suppose to be for your dark eldar army?


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