Ok, back to bloggin!

Back to work. Sorry if I missed you last week on Jawaballs Live! I was taking care of business, but I will be back this Wednesday, and painting for you a Jawa Girlfriend! Thats right. :) Tune in this Wednesday at 6pm EST for the long awaited painting of my first Jawa Slave girl. Just click the picture to the right of me and the giant Space Marine. That will bring you to the proper URL.

See you then!



Anonymous said...

ugh starting on the Dark Eldar early since its now definate that they are scheduled for November? Man id love to play a jawa D Eldar


Jawaballs said...

Hehe, Im so busted! Yah, once I found out they were lined up for Nov. I decided to pull that trigger. Bring on the space pirates!

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