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Hey folks,

Well, School starts up for me tomorrow, you know what that means? More time for me to blog!  Believe it or not I will actually get way more blogging done from work than I will taking care of the jawababy at home.  I still have Nova Open info and Gamesday stuff coming up!  I have been having problems with Windows Movie Maker for some reason. I throw together a movie made up of video shorts that I have shot, and when I go to publish, it just stalls out and I have to restart the program, losing all of my work.  Frustrating. Any clues WTF?  On a related note, I am looking for a quick, convenient and easy program that I can use to convert my HD video from my Canon Vixia HF 200 into a format that I can use on Movie Maker.  I have Studio Pro, but it is honestly too much software!  All I want to do is select a folder full of videos from my camera, and tell them all to turn into files Movie Maker can use.  Is that too much to ask?

On a related note, I will be taking a break from the weekly Jawaballs Live! broadcasts.  I need to try to make some money so I will be going back to the photography gig after school.  I shoot action pictures for high school yearbooks.  Jawa wants to buy a house!  While I enjoy doing the broadcasts, I need to devote those evenings to doing something that makes me moolah.  I will however do unscheduled broadcasts a couple times a month. So stay tuned here for details on those.

I have a couple of cool things coming up in the next few months, and some neat things I think you guys should check out.

First of all, a new 40k blog!  The blog scene is exploding which is fantastic. But I always love to plug the Blood Angels ones. Kevin, a reader and poster here, has decided to take a stab at a blog of his own, and HERE IT IS!  Go take a look!

Also there is a new Blood Angels infosite/forum that has just launched and I registered for.  GO SEE IT HERE.  It just launched, but at first glance looks pretty spiffy!  Way better than my hack job of a site.    I'm happy to be part of the growing community.

Coming up for tournaments we have two in October and one in November.

First of all comes The Battle for Salvation! 

This one is being put on by my club of the same name, and NO we are not a religious organization. We simply meet in a Salvation Army hall which happens to be in the back of a church.  This tournament is being run in the style that had a huge success this year at The Nova Open. There are 48 spots only, and the top few will be invited back the second day for a mini round robin tournament to decide the overall Emperor of mankind and winner of The Battle for Salvation.  It is being held in White Plains, NY which is a short train hop from Manhattan and is a beautiful destination for any one who appreciates beautiful fall weather and great 40k.  Visit the site for more details.

Moving on, my next stop will be at The Meadowlands for The Warstore Weekend! 

This is a great weekend being put on by every ones favorite online store, The Warstore!  Neal and the boys have a bunch of great stuff planned for the weekend, including a 40k tournament that I plan on entering. So I hope to see you all there!

Then shortly after I will be traveling out to PA again for The Mechanicon!

Last year I made the trip out for the first one and came a 3+ armor save away from winning it all. Tony and the boys ran a warm and inviting tournament on beautiful tables with cool terrain, and their philosophy is to try to send away as many dudes as possible with loot.  They have one award called Army Domination that goes to the best player for each particular army. Never win with your Necrons? Well now is your chance!  Come throw down in PA!

Not missing a beat, except for the one I will get from my wife, the following weekend I will be traveling out to Rochester, NY for Da Boys GT 2010! I have spoken to Goatboy and Darkwyn and both are planning on attending, which makes it a mandatory Jawaballs appearance just to share some brews since I missed them in Austin.  I love you honey!  If she only knew that I only went out to these events to hang out with cool dudes and get wasted. :)

Jawababy bathtime with an annoyed Jawawife.

  Finally it is a little far out yet, but I am planning on gathering up Fritz, Black Matt, Brother Captain James, Danny Internets and the rest of the bunch for a trip out to Rhode Island, home of TAPS and Templecon!

The details elude me at this very moment, but a challenge has definitely been dropped for the top clubs of the east coast to show up and represent... and a finger was definitely pointed at Battle for Salvation.  I forget who sent me the email and it has been lost amongst thousands of spams and youtube comment announcements, so whoever it was resend your great email!  Was that you Kevin?  

There is another team event that Fritz will be organizing for us to attend in the near future as well. Is it time for Battle for Salvation to claim the Golden Throne?

Finally finally, the one good thing to come from Fritz and I having to bail on Wargamescon, is that we have some airline credit with Jetblue to go some place, and we decided to go to next years Adepticon.  If you missed us at Gamesday, Bolscon, Nova Open, Mechanicon, Hard Boys, Grim, The Unknown, or any of the other places we have traveled to for a throwdown, head on out to Adepticon where we will be hooking up with our buds from Bell of Lost Souls to beat face!  

Phew that was a lot of stuff!

Ok, that is all for now.  This week I plan on spending loads of time formating my hours of video content from Nova and Gamesday, and writing up some late reviews on both.  Also be looking for more info on the Templecon throwdown and I hopw to see as many of you as possible at The Battle for Salvation! Don't wait, there are only 48 spots and there will be NO extended spots.  

More to come...



AutarchAndrew said...

ill be at BFS and templecon maybe mecanicon I dont yet its a money thing

Kevinmcd28 said...

Hey Chris Yes that was me, Ill send you the email with all of the rules again, if not itll be on my blog you just posted, thanks man! New England Gaming Clubs Cup fyi. Come to my MeatGrinder event I personally am running inspired by your gamesday event as well. Loot for all!

Now I use VideoPad Video editor, it is very easy and as long as you up all of our publishing settings in the program it is super easy and can use all sorts of file types. I love it. Movie maker crashes a lot so I do not use it anymore. Video pad you just drag them into the program then drag them into the time line, then you just save movie and set it at a high bitrate and quality and your set. It publishes a lot faster as well. The free version is what I use, the pay versionalways you to publish it in like a billion different formats.

Melon Head said...

Glad to see you guys are coming to little Rhodie and to our(Ocean State Dice Devils)events at Templecon 2011....We look forward meeting you all and to getting a few games in. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves, BTW first round is on me :)

Jawaballs said...

Cool and no prob Kev, resend me the smack talk, I wanted to post that up!

Jawaballs said...

Melon, I'm all over those drinks. You know the best part of going to Rhode Island for a con? I don't have to drive through New Jersey for a single mile. Fantastic!

Kevinmcd28 said...

hey Im from Jersey!!!!! and it was a youtube smack message, Ill send it to your hotmail (Melon is Terra our club head fyi)

Kevin said...

Warstore Weekend is going to be a blast!
Templecon as well!

If you ever make it out to the west coast, Kingdom Con is pretty awesome as well!

the40kplayer said...

ya i might be at the thing in ri cause thts where i am so hoppe to see you there

Eriond said...

getting back to your software question: did you try Nero pack? afair there was sth about the movies as well

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