The Nova Open results.


The results of the Nova Open are posted. As you know, my main goal was Renaisance Man. I figured I had to go 3-1 to have a chance at winning it, as well as do well in sportsmanship and painting.  So I accomplished my goals. I managed to go 3-1, which was no small feat, and I was amongst the top in painting and sportsmanship! Only two guys scored higher than me on Sportsmanship, and I was in a 4 way tie for 2nd.  Similar results for the painting scores. 

But sadly for me, and outstandingly for Danny Internets, he edged me out for the Ren Man. (essentially best overall) by .01. Thats right, POINT ZERO ONE.  There was a great math equation that arrived at the winner of the award based on your over all competitive points, painting points and sportsman points.  Danny did quite a lot better than me on the table, and I did a good amount better than him in painting, but he scored 15/16 in sportsman while I only managed a paultry 14/16.  That is pretty much what made the difference! 

Sure I could have done better on the painting score.  I spoke to one of the judges and he gave me his input... basicly had I just made sure all of my models were on my own Jawabases I would have scored about 10 points higher on his scale... which would have equated to that .01, but no, I was too damn lazy in the waning hours before the tournament to rebase them, and I just flocked and sanded some of the newest models.  :)  That is an example of just how close it gets! 

I'm glad for Dan as he really deserved the win. He is a great sportsman and a master at beating some ones face in while earning their utmost admiration and respect.

The Ren Man win, which came with a pile o loot including a massive Ork Stompa Apocalypse thing and a cool trophy, also came with a ticket to Vegas. Which I believe Danny has declined, so the Vegas Qualifier lands in my lap, my second! Since I already have mine, hopefully the next guy in line will be able to take advantage of it.

Now for me to set my sights on The Warstore Weekend, and The Mechanicon, two big fall events. If you are not yet signed up for The Mechanicon, don't wait, I expect the date to sell out quick. 

As for my personal Nova Open batreps, including my crushing defeat of Old Shatter Hands, and the ass pounding I took from Dash of Pepper. I will get to work on those tonight. It's back to daddy day care for me right now!



Killswitch said...

Unlucky with the ren result. I'm sure by being that close, you deserved it just as much as dan. Looking forward to the bat reps, especially the smashing of those foul Tau :)



Iggy said...

That was pretty close, nice work! Can't wait to read those Battlereps :)

Kevinmcd28 said...

I still think Ren Man is an awsomw award idea. You should steal it for the BFS tournament!

Cant wait for the Batreps. When is the Warstore weekend?

An Enemy said...

Sorry for the off topicness, but do you have any advice for rebasing minis? I've been putting my SWs on resin bases, but I glued a few to their stock GW bases for paintings sake. Its a hassle, but I want them off of the GW bases so I can put them on resin whenever I get the cash to order more.

Jawaballs said...

I glue my dudes to regular bases first, paint them, then transfer them to resin. I use a chisel exacto blade, it is sort of like a paint scraper. Big red handle, with the blade on the very end screw driver style, and only sharpened on one side. You can push it straight under the bottom of the foot. It may slice off a bit of the bottom of the foot, but thats ok. Make sure you pin every model to the resin!

Dashofpepper said...

Was great meeting you man. :)

Jawaballs said...

You too Dash, had I managed to pop a couple of your wagons when I had the chance after seizing the initiative, that game would have gone a whole lot different! But opportunities are few, and I failed to take advantage of it and you stuck it to me. Great game!

Stelek said...

Indeed it was good meeting you Jawa. Not that Dash guy though, phew Orks. ;)

Dashofpepper said...


Couldn't find an e-mail for you, but I just got our batrep posted. Enjoy!

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