The Assault Marine

So in the new era of Allies, is there a better ally to take (If you are Imperial of course) than Blood Angels Assault Marines? Or a better question, is there any thing else worth taking in the BA codex?

First of all, your basic allied detachment for Blood Angels.

Librarian with JP
x2 Ten man assault squad with meltas and/or flamers and Power Weapons
1 Sanguinary priest with PW and JP.

This is about 660 points, but brings a whole lot of hurt to the table!  First of all, they are troops, but also, feel no pain and furious charge hurts, add to that Divination and the ability to give the entire squad reroll to hits, and possibly a 4+ invul save, and you are talking just nasty.

Further, in 6th Edition, with the ability to take armor saves vs Dangerous Terrain tests, and FNP, assault marines are now able to jump in and out of terrain without fear.

Even further, if you are able to line it up, the Hammer of Wrath is sweet!  Blood Angels assault marines are truly ferocious.

For about 600 points, what other better options are there? (That are Battle Brothers)

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Dan said...

600 points seems awfully expensive for any 12 model unit short of something like a 2400 point game. Even then, you are paying 1/4 of your total army for these guys. Yeah, they are awesome, but I don't know if they are that awesome and at less than 2400 points... well I just don't pay more than 1/4 of my army total for any unit.

Jawaballs said...

It is 2 ten man units, a total of 20 assault marines. One gets the libby rerolls, both get FNP if used in close proximity.

Jawaballs said...

20 plus the libby and priest

pchappel said...

They are really good, and with the ability to combat squad if needed, etc... I found myself using them with Aegis lines a fair amount...

For raw killing power, Death Company work a bit better, and unlock the DC DN I like to use, but not being able to be scoring ever really outweighs the 6th ed buffs they got I think... A "fun" option, pretty feared locally, but I suspect would not work so well elsewhere :-)

Dan said...

My bad. I misread your post.

Oloff said...

I have to agree with you, though the classic Guard Platoon and Company Command Squad are also amazing. BA and Guard allies fill opposite roles, though, so they'll rarely be competing for the same ally slot. One is a tough as nails shock force, the other is a pile of guns for next to no points.

TheGraveMind said...

600 points gets you belial and 2 deathwing squads with CMLs.
Those same points can bring in some guard infantry and a vendetta and maybe even another tank. It really all depends on what your army needs.

JRBunn said...

AKA things my Eldar need to create space and generate a boatload of reliable scoring threats to my opponent's objectives.

Gonewild said...

If you're going to invest in a divination Libby, that the extra 50 points to make him an Epistolary is well spent. The ability to cast two blessings in the same turn is such a force multiplier.

I have a tendancy to defer to shooty upgrades for my Priests (combi-weapons), rather than PWs- especially with the furhter emphasis of shooting in 6th edition.
Running hand flamers on an Assault Sgt. assigned to a squad with flamers isn't a bad idea either.
I think it is also important to mention that taking Blood Angels as allies unlocks Sternguard Veterans as well. The potential firepower that SG bring to the table (and the ability to drop pod them from reserve) is worth consideration. especially if you emulating your tactic of taking a regular squad in a drop pod, in order to ensure that the SG squad arrives after turn one.

Gonewild said...

Spelling and grammar errors compliments of F5 and the Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter, lol!

Jawaballs said...

Sternguard are sweet, but take that priest slot in an allied army. Take away the priest and BA assault marines are just troops with jump packs.

General Oadius said...

BA rock, The ultimate BA allied detachment is Mephis, lemartes and 10 Dc( fist/axe), storm raven and a DC dread.

ming from b&c said...

Someone elsewhere was posting a Kantor plus BA allies list and it was offta hook!

Jawaballs said...

Ming see if you can find it I would love to bounce it around here!

Michael said...

Personally I'd rather go with Biker marines. T5, 12" move, Always get Hammer of wraith if they charge (Compared to Assault Marines who only get it if they use their jump packs in the assault phase), and Bikers are relentless. Yeah you're going to get fewer bodies on the field for the point cost, but the bikers just strike me as being harder hitting with more versatility and better survivability them Assault Troops.

Of course I've never played with Blood Angle Assault Marines so my comparisons are based purely on the Vanilla marines Assault Marines.

Jawaballs said...

I did a lot of play testing a bike squad with priest. The result was underwhelming all the time. The squad is hugely expensive, and once combat is in place, it is still only one attack per model. If they could all take plasma guns, then yah bikes, but you only get two per squad plus SGT upgrades. In the end it is a very expensive pair of plasma guns that at best will tie up an enemy assault squad for a bit, provided that the enemy unit is not a dedicated assault unit.

Here is a little comparison to show the strength of BA assault squads. I have created two units as identical as possible including 10 men and an attached IC.

x10 marines
plasma pistol
power fist
chaplain with JP
reroll hits on charge
non scoring
355 points

Blood Angels:
x10 marines
MELTA GUN (not an option for vanilla)
Sanguinary Priest with JP and Power Maul(to keep it even)
Furious Charge
possibly fearless
reroll ALL hits with librarian buff

35 less points and way more effective!


boxcar40k said...


Have you considered using a power lance on your sgt and other characters? s6 ap3 on the charge with your priest included sounds deadly.

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