Time to give. You can directly help a family who lost a child.

Hey folks,

Several people have messaged me asking if I was going to do some sort of charity promotion for the kids at Sandy Hook. I wanted to share this with you, and I promise it will be the last you hear on it from me!

After some thought, I figured I would share this with you. Most people who hear about tragedies like this have a hard time feeling how real it is. When you are disconnected you don't really get a feel for the sadness and emotion.  Well in this case, you have a connection to me.

And this.

I have had a tough week because in the nature of my job, I feel the loss of each of those lives deeply. Being a parent of a little boy will soon be approaching the age of those kids only magnifies it.

Any way, now you can add a connection to a face and for a change you can actually help some one directly affected by something terrible, rather than donating to a charity and hoping the money gets to the right place.

Her name was Ana Grace Marquez-Greene.

My friend and colleague is a close friend to Ana's parents. These last days she has spent most of her time with them, trying to add comfort and strength to a place where there is only sorrow.  I can't imagine it. But I want to help.

You can help too.

I decided that instead of doing a painting project, or trying to sell chances to win something, or trying to collect money personally, I would connect you directly to a fund created to help the family of Ana Grace.  You can find it HERE. I urge you to go there and donate what you can.

I am going to place this image at the top right of my blog with the link to the Ana Grace Fund where you can donate. I urge all bloggers to do the same as a show of support of the kids and teachers who lost their lives. I will keep the image up until New Years Day.  Simply save the image and post it.

Sorry the image is not super artsy, I don't have any editing software on this machine. It is enough.

I know times are lean, but lets show this family the power that we as a group wield and donate to the fund created in the name of this beautiful little girl.



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