Lamenters Chapter Banner continued

So I posted a pic of my new Lamenters Chapter Banner on Facebook, and none other than the great Dave Taylor popped in and gave some free advice!

I wish I lived close to Baltimore. I would be able to work with Dave and bounce ideas off him and vampire some of his incredible talent and motivation. :)

Here is my first attempt at the Lamenters Chapter Banner:

I was pretty happy with it. Until Dave threw a crack at me for being lazy and painting larger scale checkers. He challenged me to paint 8x16 instead of 4x8.


I went to work.

Here it is now, more closely true to the Lamenters Chapter Banner that I found posted online in various locations.  I painted over the top left and bottom right checks with yellow, and then divided each of my original checks into four and based some grey over the black. I need to go back in and edge off the checks with black then highlight with white and grey.  And no Dave, I am not going 16x32.


Thanks for the inspiration Dave Taylor! If you have not checked out Dave's Lamenters, he truly humbles me.  Take a look!  I feel refreshed and motivated to start banging these guys out.  Unlike Dave's black Death Company, mine will be white. Wish me luck with that!



Aventine said...

Glad to hear you are going with the white Death Company

Tim said...

Heh, that is an improvement. Goes to show that one should also be open to feedback. How you managed to paint new checkers without messing up the heart sigil and the scroll work is pretty impressive.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

The smaller checks do look nicer :)

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