Lamenters Chapter Banner Bearer

More Work in Progress on my Lamenters!

Today I have my Vanguard Veteran standard bearer. 

But wait... Vanguard Vets cant have a banner!  Who cares, when competing for Best Painted, you need to add flare wherever you can. So most of the squads in my army will be carrying a banner of some sort.  :)

Here is how I did my Lamenters Chapter Banner.

First I sprayed it with Averland Yellow base color and gave it a yellow shade wash.  

Then I painted the rectangular banner area with codex grey.  

Then I laid out some lines using a detail brush and free hand. I eyeballed the distance and size of the squares, and just got lucky. It was just about perfect.  

Then I painted in the black squares.

Then boom finished banner! :)

Actually I layered up to white, using Fortress Grey, Ulthuan Grey, and white.

Then I hand painted a circle sorta in the center with black, and relayered up to white using the same recipe. 

Then I hand painted the heart on top of that with black again, then Mechrite Red, then some blood red and a bit of orange. I intend to give it some more love.

For the scroll I painted it with black first, then used Calthan Brown, and layered up using Tallarn Flesh and increasingly light layers of the new flesh and bone colors.  I painted the world Lament on the scroll.

The marine is done the same way as my Sgt. I sprayed him with the yellow base first on top of black, then gave a good wash of Casendora Yellow.  Then layers of Yriel and Flash Gitz with another light shade of Casendora.  The winged parts of his armor I used the same recipe as the checks.

Feel free to leave questions or comments or tips!  How are YOU doing your hellow I mean Yellow!

More to come!



Phil Morris said...

That's some amazing freehand!

Tim said...

That's an awesome banner. I also find that painting banners separate from the model is thebest method. And likewise, it's got that jawaball flavor.

When painting yellow, I go for vallejo paints since they are stronger and more opaque. I shade by using either gw dark flesh washes or today brown ink - yes, I'm one of those who still use inks.

I think banners are really important in good looking armies and few people get that. While not practical in the military sense, this is fantasy and banners help create personality. If there's one piece of advice i'd give people is to have afb army sigil...on banners.

Jawaballs said...

Thanks Tim,

My painting technique actually favors transparent paints. As my painting has evolved I have become more of a glazer Rembrandt style! I am a big fan of the new GW yellows, including the wash and glaze. Was never a huge fan of Valejo paints though. Oh and it was a sad day when I spilled my last pot of GW Flesh Wash ink. :(

I magnetize my banners to make for easy storage and game play. And yes, my work has become known for those jawaballs scrolls!

Jawaballs said...

I forgot to mention the banner pole. It is a fantasy banner pole from a chaos model. I used a Blood Angels right arm that was holding a hand flamer and cut off the hand and glued the banner pole hand on. A nice use for all those hand flamer arms! :)

Magilla Gurilla said...

I really like the yellow and the fact you have really gotten it to pop.
All to often yellow models look "dirty", you really got yours bright and still managed to retain depth.

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