Finally, Gamesday 2012 coverage is up!

Me winning my 4th banner competition at Gamesday

GW finally posted the coverage of Gamesday 2012!  See it HERE.

Above is a shot from their site of me claiming my prize for the fourth year in a row. This one was tight though, I wonder if it is because of all the Ultramarine haters out there!  The banner competitions are a great and fun experience and I thank every one who screamed their heads off for me. (The winner is selected by the banner who gets the loudest scream.)

Sadly though, this will probably be my last win. I won't be attending Gamesday this summer. I decided that if I am going to fly some place, I would rather fly to Colorado for Feast of Blades, or the west coast for any one of the awesome events thrown out there.

The GW exec's quote saying that Gamesday is about fans getting together to do what they like most, buy GW product, affirms my resolve. While I like to buy some of the limited things available at Gamedsay like the Gamesday miniature and some of the limited edition lithographs I got last year, buying GW product is NOT the reason I go to Gamesday.

I started going to Gamesday about six years ago, and every year I noticed a trend. The cool hobby stuff (the REAL reason I go to Gamesday) became less while the retail store selling mountains of boxsets became bigger. This culminated in last year's Gamesday where there were hardly any club tables, and virtually NO GW Studio painted models or other cool things to see, but the biggest retail space I have ever seen.  It was not Gamesday, it was Salesday.  (At full retail.)

Man, I just can't write about GW lately without griping! Ironically I have been accused in the past by some of the less creative comment trolls as being a GW Fanboy.  The sad part is that I like the company. I do believe they put out an outstanding product. But aside from the banner competition and chance to play games against people I would not normally ever meet, I don't have much reason to fly out to Tennessee.

Any how, if you are interested in owning that banner. Send me a shout!  I'm pointing at you Smurf Lovers! Jawaballs at hotmail.



Brian said...

Too bad they missed a shot of the tremendous post holding that banner up, and of the christmas stand supporting the post. Glossy.

Solidarity on the rest of it.

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