Fun and Games and a FREE WRAITHKNIGHT

It has become Spikey Con.

The annual birthday celebration down at FTW Games, owned by my friend and all around decent dude Rob Baer.

Spikey Con is this weekend.

What is going on you ask?

Well, nothing but an entire weekend of gaming craziness at the store!  Lets get to the good stuff first.

Rob is giving away an Eldar Wraithknight. But he is not just giving it away guys, you have to earn it.  It is a conversion contest!

HERE are the rules.

The winner will be chosen sometime in July.

But that is not the reason to go to FTW Games.

Go for the games!

You can find a rundown of all the awesome that will be happening at the store over the weekend HERE.

I will be there painting on tanks for those willing, demonstrating how to make Custom Display Boards and taking on all comers on my own personal Jawa Table.

But most importantly, I can't wait to chill with Fritz, Goatboy, Paul Murphy and Kenny from Next Level Paintnig. These are some of the most extreme dudes in the game, and all of that gaming brain power will be under one roof and willing to spray it upon the world.

I mean seriously...

Lol, that picture and the word seriously do NOT go together.

So make the trip for the fun!

I will be doing my seminars from 1 to 5.  Other than that, my schedule is open to rock the games and take on all comers. Come challenge me and Fritz, past doubles tournament winners, for a shot at the glory!  Come learn with me how to airbrush from Kenny!  Come get your stuff drawn on by Goatboy!

Finally we may have appearances by Redemption of the Fallen painters John Steining and Tim Williamson, and maybe even Dave Taylor if I can get him to come!  We will all have our WIP models there for you to see.  Redemption of the Fallen is a charity army build project sponsored by The Nova Open. Click the link at the top right of my page!

See you this weekend,



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