Nova just got more fun!

I posted last week that I was going to be doing seminars at this years Nova Open. That still holds true!  I will be doing seminars on Display Board building, and Hand painting and painting in general.  More on that in a bit.

My Sanguinor from Nova 2011. Winner Best Single Miniature!

But that is not why I am typing now!

I will be joining my friends Bill McFadden and Simon Lean in the Trios!  I had originally resigned myself to the fact that I would not be playing much 40k at the Nova. I will be working as a paint judge and selling my stuff as a vendor. But Simon and Bill put out the call for a Trios third and I answered! This is great because it allows me a bit of competitive 40k, a HUGE amount of good time gaming fun against the likes of Troy and Team Bastard, and it gives me an excuse to paint a new army.

What new army? Well, I vowed not to buy the Tau codex. Well... Bah.

I now have two months to build and paint a Tau army!

My list?


Suit Commander

x3 Fire Warriors in Devilfish
x1 Fire Warrior squad on foot

1 Kroot squad

1 Marker drone squad

x2 Skyray

x3 Broadsides

And of course a Riptide. I just cannot resist the flashy toys!

I need to get the codex and look at all the options and such but that is the bulk of the army.  I have never played a shooty army before, except for my Shooty Blood Angels that I won Mechanicon with, but they don't really count.

So now I have to get in 6th edition shape! I need to spend the next two months playing games and painting minis.

And what of my Nova seminars?

I am doing one on Custom Display Boards and one on Hand Painting and painting in general.

VISIT THIS PAGE and scroll down. You will see where to register for my seminars. If you are not playing in the Nova GTs, perfect! Just get a day pass and come join the seminar fun.  I also think there is a complete seminar ticket as well. Hell, there should be enough teaching and learning to keep any one busy! The Nova is NOT just about playing in Grand Tournaments!  I may have to get myself in on that Craft Beer seminar.... mmmm beer.

Any way, I hope to see you at Nova. I will have my personal gaming table set up in the Vendor section where I can take on all comers plus I will be happy to do some classic Jawa hand painting on your tanks!  And I believe Jim the Stout Smurf will be there as well with his Ultramarines and Gnome Wars!

So if you are going to The Nova, or live in the area, make sure to come see me!



Brad said...

Excited to see you playing in the Trios. I've played Bill a few times in Plainville, he's a good guy. See you there!

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