New Video of the Week!

Thought it was time to update my video of the week!

I came across this oldy from my first Golden Demon attempt. This squad remains as my favorite I have done yet.  Enjoy!



Honour Guard said...

Is there a place where we can see pics of those minis? Thanks.

Jawaballs said...

Buried DEEP in my blog I suppose. I will look around in my old laptop too. My old PC is dead so any thing on that HD is gone.

Honour Guard said...

Shame :( They are a great inspiration for any blood angels painter, would really have liked to take a closer look at all of them.

Jawaballs said...

And I sold them long ago for a nice little pay day. The sad part is they appeared on Ebay shortly after I sold them for a crazy low amount of cash. I guess the guy that bought them ran into a life emergency so sold them to a game store for next to nothing, and that guy didn't know what he had and put em on ebay, no reserve. They went for a fraction of their value!

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