Jawaballs and Fritz on our way to Spikey Bitz!

Thats right!  This June will mark the third birthday of my friend Rob Baer's brick and mortar store FTW Games and Spikey Bits!  To celebrate, Rob is throwing a huge party that will last all weekend long.  So Fritz and Myself cleared it with the wives and we are on our way!

FTW Death Company Banner

So what is going on?


But for our lazier crowd, let me summarize.

First of all, there are tournaments all weekend, with Magic on Friday and a big 40k tournament on Saturday night starting late and going until we pass out.

But even more, it is going to be a huge weekend of "internet celebrity" appearances.

Goatboy will be there signing and drawing on bags.

Kenny from Next Level Painting will be there doing Airbrush seminars. He is a rock hard painter and player. I myself will be picking his brain on how to use my airbrush!

Kenny's successful army from Wargamescon.

Paul Murphy, one of the top ranked players in the country, will be on hand giving tactical advice.

Paul, Kenny and Goatboy

And finally Fritz and myself doing our thing. Fritz will be dispensing his black knowledge while I am doing my The Jawaballs Way seminar on Custom Display Boards!

I will also have my man cave gaming table set up. You have seen it in our videos, now you get to play on it.

What is my seminar?

I will be doing two runs of seminars teaching how I make my custom display boards.  You need only show up with your army, and FTW Games will provide the rest!  Come and learn hand on how to make your own display, with advice from me on elements of art like space and color, and leave with a completed 2x2 board good for armies on parade, painting competitions, or just for putting on your table at home.

Of course, if you have your own terrain in mind for your board, bring that too and I will show you how to bring it all together.  Here is a tip: Scour ebay or look at Petco for aquarium terrain, or check out Spooky Town by Lemax.  They have lots of great buildings you can smash into oblivion and use as terrain, or decrepit trees and terrain pieces that are perfect for display boards. Whatever it is, bring it in, and I will help you arrange it on a board provided by Rob and you will leave happy! You will need to preregister for the seminar. HERE IS THE SPIKEY POST with more info.

Lemax Spooky Town

When I am not doing my seminar, I will be accepting all challenges. I will have my Blood Angels on hand and ready to rock.  Or bring a friend and tag team me an Fritz!  I am not playing in the tournament which means I will be available for most of the time to take on all comers, dispense painting advice, or just chill! Oh and I will be giving special discounts on my Jawaballs Way DVDs.

Ok then, I hope to see you there. If you miss these seminars, I will be doing them at The Nova Open, Labor Day weekend.  Stay tuned!



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Sounds like a great event, hope there will be some videos for us who can't make it :)

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