Heroes of Armageddon! Blood Angels WIP.

This is such a fantastic project that I will probably be posting about it a few times a week.  This week I just uploaded a video talking about the finer points and showing my youtube audience where to go donate.

Here is some video:

And who is painting what?  I will be posting up exactly who is painting this week.  We had to bang out some final details before I published the info.  I personally will be painting a squad of terminators, a land raider, Corbulo and a Priest with Jump Pack.

Here are some pictures of some of the goodness that you are in store for in the next few months!

Getting that relief panel to fit took an amazing amount of effort. I had to actually cut the armor away to fit the relief into the rest of the panel. This Land Raider is going to be Tychos personal ride along with a squad of Termies and a priest.  Awesome!

Just to add a little human element to this, and show you that fairy tales do come true, here is some video of last years winner Jacob with his army.  The look on his face is priceless. He truly loves his army.  

Next up, complete bios of the Blood Angels build team.


ServvsUmbrarum said...

I am in awe. Not only do these things look amazing it really just shows how people can come together for the common good and do something positive.

On a greedy hobby note...where did you get those side panels for the LR?

"The Initiate" calmbeforewar.blogspot.com

Ted Nagel said...

Great stuff Chris!

I was wondering how that Scibor stuff looked on a Land Raider, thanks for the effort there. (Or should I be cursing you for tempting me yet again)

I am looking forward to watching this project progress.

(and yes, I have donated, but with the magnitude of this project, I'm feeling I need to donate again...)

Jawaballs said...

Servs, they are from a guy called Scibor. Google him!

And Ted, it was a LOT of work. I won't be doing the other side. Mostly because I wanted to do hand painting on the side, but also, because it was damn hard. :) They are not for the nooby modeler!

Logan Sama said...

Has the whole army painting been allocated? I would love to be involved

Jawaballs said...

Yes, the teams have been selected. Sorry! I don't know exactly how many, but I think about 30 guys total are working on the project. Almost all of them at the very least golden demon finalists.

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