Heroes of Armageddon, More work in progress!

Pics incoming!

First off, here is a little taste of one of the weekly giveaways over at the Heroes of Armageddon blog!

This beautiful model was donated to be given away as one of the weekly drawings by one of the best painters in the world!  But remember, you have to be in it to win it. So if you have not donated yet, get your donations in!  Your donation will qualify you to win any of the weekly drawings as well as the grand prizes at the end.  So the sooner you get the donation in, the more chances you have to win fantastic prizes like this one!

Sorry for the quality of the rest of my own pics.  I have some update pics on my Heroes of Armageddon Land Raider Crusader and Sanguinary Priest!

First I highlighted the robe figure with pure Blood Red on top of the Dragon Red spray.

Then I started hitting the wings with codex grey. I want blacker 
"Astrowrath" wings. I hit the skulls with Bestial Brown.

Testing the grey, I used Fortress next. I don't recall if I had
it done in this pic, but Snakebite Leather was next for the skulls.

Here are the wings done with Codex and Fortress and the skulls with Bestial and Snakebite
Next comes some 50/50 white and fortress on the wings, mixed with Glaze Medium, and 
50/50 Bleached bone/snakebite on the skulls.

Sanguinary Priest! Base colors are done.

I sprayed him dragon red straight from the can. No primer.

I then started layering on Blood Red, working from the edges towards the meat of the armor plates. 
Then I did a Blazing Orange highlight, and went over it with Blood Red. This time mixing Red Gore 
into the Blood Red. The GK termy box set came out right on time.  The nice little apothecary bits let me not have to cut up a Command Squad apothecary! Oh, this model by the way is the Blood Angels Assault Sergeant blister with an apothecary arm and Death Company box set head.

You can see the red gore effect on the jump pack.

I did the white by painting it black first, then Astronomicon Grey. 
Then I did a 50/50 mix of Astro Grey and White mixed with some Glaze medium.
Then I added more white to the mix and did more edging.  It is all washed out, in the photo, but the 
final result is actually very good.  The Glaze Medium from Valejo helps stop the "Chalky" white look. 

For other details, I did the chest wings like I did the land raider wings. Choose your poison for the scrolls. I did a simple Bestial, Snakebite, Bleached, and will finish with Devlan Mud and a white highlight. 

The hazard lines on the chainblade are Iyanden Darksun for now.  I will layer them up with Sunburst.

This model is about half done.  I need to really push the relationship between the blood red and red gore.  Now that the base is done, I will work the reds with Glaze Medium, trying to get a perfect blend.

And no, I won't be doing weathering.  This guy just had his armor polished and he is going to be as pristine as I can make him, as befits a high ranking member of his order. I will also add a grail attached to his belt that I got from Maximini.  More to come!



The Inner Geek said...

I think the Land Raider looks great. My only tiny critisizm; the Scibor plate looks a bit bolted on. If it were flush with the side of the Land Raider it would look more like it belonged on there. I know that would involve a LOT of extra cutting and work though.

ServvsUmbrarum said...

Wow, I'm liking the colors on that priest. Quick question Jawa? What colors would recommend for my "Blood Ravens" Mechrite seems a bit too dark, and I find it lowers the detail from a distance.

I've started using Dragon Red (Army Painter) and it cuts my paint time in half and makes those details pop out really well. I'm just unsure if its dark enough because it kind of feels like Blood Angels with parchment shoulder pads.

"The Initiate" - calmbeforewar.blogspot.com

Drkmorals said...

The raider looks amazing man.

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