Next Wave of the great Jawa Sale!

Ok guys, it is time for a few high ticket items.  Coming up first on the block is my light-saber from Advanced Light Weaponry.  I won this light saber in auction at the first Mechanicon Charity auction.  The hilt was custom painted for The Mechanicon and the blade is high strength polycarbonate intended to actually be used in full contact dueling so I was told.  It does light up with a thumb trigger, but does not make sound.  The display base is included and the blade is removable.  Take a look at the website and compare it's value for yourself.  This thing is sturdy and made of metal.  It will make a beautiful addition to any man cave.  I'm only letting it go because I want a real mancave to put it in!  I can collect new toys once I get the house. :)  I am asking 200.00 for this one of a kind collectors item.

Up next is my Full Sized Blood Angels Chapter Banner.  For this one I decided to open it up to auction, which can be found here:

I just looked and we have a bidder! Go place a bid for yourself. Don't let this banner get away!

This banner is one of my most prized possessions and I have taken it to every GT I played in since I painted it.. I painted it with enduring love and it is of the utmost quality. It won Best Banner at 2010 Baltimore Gamesday, the biggest US Gamesday ever, and has been featured on the GW website and in White Dwarf! Here I am posing on the GW website with my ridiculous mug after winning Best Banner.  Read the ebay auction for more details. But I suspect if you are a reader of my blog, you know all about this baby.  I have had quite a few offers of 500 bucks for the banner. So I am starting the bidding there.  Go get it!

Now for some painted models, most of which hail from my personal award winning Blood Angels armies.

This is one of the Baal Predator that helped build Jawaballs as a GT Contender. It was part of my first GT Best Painted winning army. 300.00

This stalwart retiree was one of my first Baal Predators. It's weapons are converted from the metal Land raider assault cannon and heavy bolter weapons. The bolter sponsons are longer and sleeker than the traditional one, as is the turret gun. I admit, the paint job is a bit rough, but I would be willing to sell it as is or upgrade the paint job a bit with numbers and icons. But hey, it was one of the first Jawa tanks! 100.00

For a brief period I flirted with attack bikes. These this squad of three is available as the result. 120.00

This nice tabletop quality Steel Legion Sentinal was a fun experiment. I can add markings if wanted. 50.00

One of the rhinos where I started experimenting with hand painting. A true piece of Jawa-history! This model was part of my first Best Painted army. 250.00

This tank shows the peak of my hand painting while blending in with my current Blood Angels painting technique.  300.00

Another tank from my first major GT Best Painted win.  300.00

This beautiful Vindicator was a tank I painted demonstrating my new blending/shading technique. I will finish it for the lucky buyer.  150.00

And this one is another piece of Jawa-history, painted right after I painted that first rhino.  You can see me apply what I learned by painting the symbol on the blade, and taking it further with the white wings and the 5. 300.00

One of my first tanks, this Black Templars Razorback never even got finished before I shelved the project. But for you I can finish it up and send it out.  75.00

Another retired straggler from my first army.  This speeder needs a little love but still looks great! 50.00

Here is a terminator squad, still legal in the BT codex with two assault cannons!  120.00

An eldar Fire Dragon exarch!  Terrible pictures from all the crap sitting on my desk. But he is truly beautiful. The pic does not do it justice.  40.00

The beat up Baal Pred above also comes with a flame storm turret.

There you go!  These prices, while high, reflect the love, passion and countless hours I put into these models, and the fact that most of them have been parts of multiple Best Painted armies.  Some of these models come from the very soul that gave birth to the guy name "Jawaballs" (my online persona) and are synonymous with the name since they were part of the armies that made him cyber-famous. Save them from retirement!  All models will be touched up before shipping.  Think the prices are too high? Make a reasonable offer.  Buy more than one and I can cut you a deal.  Again, forgive the terrible pics, but frankly, most of these models don't need them. Some of them are amongst the most famous Blood Angels tanks in the world! :)

Remember, the purpose of me selling these things is to raise money to make a down payment on a home. Your purchase is just as much a show of your support for this blog as it is scoring a nice model.  I thank every one for their wonderful support. Without you readers, this blog would be nothing.  If a Jawa falls in the Dune Sea, but no one is there to hear it, does it really go "Oooteeneeee!"  :)  Thank you for every thing.



ServvsUmbrarum said...

I would be happy to have any of these in my army but I promised myself that my models would be my painting skill and what I did myself.

Unfortunately I have to pass, shame you don't have more unpainted models for mark-down I'd be all over those!

"The Initiate"

Jawaballs said...

Some of these are for true collectors to be sure. I have had a few guys buying some of my other tanks in the last few months at these prices. I honestly don't really want to let them go at all! I am flexible on the templar stuff though.

Fritz said...

Wow I remember those Black Templars and playing against them with my Eldar before Jawaballs was Jawaballs.

The BA tanks and preds, that is 40K internet history right there with those models...

ServvsUmbrarum said...

*sigh* Though I am opposed to purchasing pre-painted models as a matter of pride your comment (Da Warboss) was wildly inappropriate. This is what makes me hate the anonymous nature of the internet...

(side note, I hope this was a joke from a friend of Jawas)

"The Initiate"

Jawaballs said...

No, he is a dick. I am deleting his comments from now on.

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