Jawa Nation is ready!

Go ahead and nab this official Jawa Nation logo and display it on your blog!

Today EA announced the preorder status of Star Wars The Old Republic. Finally! The game launches on December 31, 2011.  But it is available now for preorder. Come join the Jawa Nation!  We are forming a guild that will launch with the game. We currently have 24 members and are growing with many of them already having purchased the preorder.

What are the plans? Well, to get together to create as fun and group oriented experience as we can.  I have set the guild for a PVP server to start.  But we will focus equally on questing, PvE and PVP.  We are set up on the sith side.  Visit the GUILD SITE to join! Here is the GUILD BLOG.

That is it for now. Get your self registered for the guild, and get that preorder!



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