Light on the Heroes pics...

I did manage to get a pic of my termy squad before my camera started being a dork.  

Well I can show you these two shots of John Dickerman's pieces.  

And here is a bad pic of my land raider.  The cameras tarted getting stupid here.

I did get Dante in today, and I can tell you, it was like holding a little nugget of gold.  Non-metallic gold that is.  The model is without a doubt the most beautiful model I have ever held.  Thomas Schadle is awesome.

Some day I hope to be so good.

What else do I have in the pipes? Well in addition to finishing up 3 lingering commissions, I am doing Ron Saikowski's Armageddon banner!  

You can just make out the lines, I drew his image on a full sized 3x8 foot banner.  I start painting this weekend.

Ok, lots more coming up.  Exciting week for the Heroes of Armageddon!



Drathmere said...

Beautiful that room pink? ;)

Jawaballs said...

Its actually a very nice magenta. I think. I'm no color expert. :)

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