Ok Folks impromptu heroes update

Here are some better pictures of the Heroes of Armageddon Blood Angels.  

Mike Cho's RAS

Jawaballs Corbulo

Mike Cho's Furioso Dread

John Dickerman's Death Company Dread

Black Matt's Death Company Dread

Ron Saikowski's Terminator Standard Bearer

Jawaballs Lemartes

Jawaballs Sanguinary Priest

Joe Johnson Death Co. Tycho

Mike Cho's Storm Raven

Detail of Cho's wings

Jawaballs Land Raider hand painting side

Jawaballs Land Raider Relief side. 
(Yes, I know I chewed up the armor. I'm not perfect!)

Jawaballs Terminators

Joe Johnson's Death Company

Mike's Death Company Storm Raven

And of course, Tom Schadle's Dante

That is all I have for today.  I am waiting for John's Baal Predator and all of Tim's stuff to arrive.  We have a scout squad, sanguinary guard, 3rd storm raven, and Captain Tycho.  Also Tim threw in a Death Company Rhino.  

Great stuff!  Make sure you get your donations in.  Also, this week over at Santa Cruz, they are having another weekly drawing. This time the prize is a professionally painted Dante conversion donated by a fellow who won one of the previous prizes!  What kindness!  This project really brings out the best in people for support of Doctors Without Borders.  



Michael Hogan said...

Other than beautiful, is there an appropriate term for this army?

Dalinair said...

My personal favourite, not including dante because he's just mind blowing is actually the death company squad, I think they look fantastic. Great work all!

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