Last Heroes WIP shot!

Ok folks. This will be the last WIP post. The next heroes post will be showing all the finished models as professionally photographed as I can get them. For now, here is what I have so far. Of course the pictures are washed out from the flash, and my DSLR gets way closer than any eyes can, but here you go.

Lemartes almost done. I gave him a winged jump pack. That punk Astro got Lemartes job, he wont be the only one to get wings.


Terminator assault squad with banner.

The two former HQs, reduced to squad upgrades.

This guy still needs some love.

Joe Johnson sent me his finished milky creamy Death Company!

I still can't post up Ron's standard bearer because he has not done so on FTW yet.  Grr.

Here is the teaser of his banner.

But here is John Dickerman's Death Co. Dread!

Mike Cho sent me this pic of his dread:

He decided to get funky with the weathering.

Black Matt posted this pic up of his:

I'm still waiting on pics from Tim showing off his Scouts and Storm Raven, Tom with his Dante, John with his Baal Pred and Cho with pics of this assault squad he has been talking about!

I may get one more post up this weekend as I finish off these models.  

The order for the Battlefoam trays was sent in. Romeo is providing each army with a huge transport. The BA transport will have room for an additional 30 infantry or so and some tanks.  

Here are the custom dice from Chessex!

And the custom templates from Gale Force Nine.

Things are coming together!  DONATE! You don't want to be on the sidelines on this one.



The Inner Geek said...

That all looks mighty awesome. Someone is going to be one luck sob (not sister of battle, the other abbreviation).

dill_ownergoalie said...

Mike Cho's dreadnought is out of this freaking world, amazing everyone did a great job.

Pastafarion said...

I would love to know how you get your very simple color schemes to pop like they do, I always seem to struggle with that aspect of painting. My minis come out looking good but don't have that same POW that yours do.

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