Live show starts at around 5pm.

Hi guys, the live show will be starting early, around 5PM EST. Depending on when my wife lets me. :)

The drawing will start around 6PM.

Feel free to pop in and chat. I will answer questions and share some of what has been going on in Jawa-land.

Some of the painters in the project will hopefully be joining the live stream and will also be able to answer questions.

We will be asking 40k trivia questions and giving away a few prizes.

The way the drawing will work is that I will randomly generate a number, 1 to whatever the total donation came out to be.  Then John will look up that number based on it's corresponding donation dollar.  Every dollar you donated has essentially been assigned a number. If you donated 50 bucks, you have that many "tickets".  So once I read out the number, John will find the winner. It will take a few minutes for him to search through all the donations to find the right one but we will make the process as fast as possible.  We got much more than expected!  Well done every one.

See you in a couple hours. I will be on and off testing the broadcast this afternoon.



Old Shatter Hands said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for including me in this whole project, Jawa. Couldn't be more proud right now.

Sign me for next year (and I promise to be on-time).

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