As if I did'nt already have enough projects... Blood Angels Chapter Banner and Dante's Honor Guard for Golden Daemon

Well the title was a mouthful, but it is as it is. I plan on entering two items into the Golden Daemon this year for my first ever entries. Item one is a Baal Predator that I will be entering into the Vehicle category, that tank appears in another post. Something I have been toying with since I started Blood Angels was a GD quality Dante and Honor Guard. SO, I decided to go for it.

I am starting with a Vanguard Veteran squad. One figure was great for a standard bearer. He was holding a two handed power sword. SO, I drilled out the pommel of the sword from his two hands, and inserted a brass rod on which I will affix the Chapter Banner, which I started laying out the base colors for.

For the Chapter Banner, I started with a picture of the banner from google, and just started painting it onto a black banner from the Command Squad sprue, using Mechrite Red and eyeballing the proportions. I used Shadow Grey to lay down the wings base, and bestial for the scrolling. Areas of shadow I left black. I really need to work on the head, chalice and whatever he is holding in his Left Hand. Any one have some insight on what that is? It looks like a banner or something. Any way...

For the rest of the squad, I am using the beakie as the Sanguinary priest. He is holding a chain sword aloft, and his left arm is attachable, so I am using the apothecary arm from the Command Squad. I cut off the blood vials from the apothecary chest and glued them onto his belt.

I added a power fist to another of the figures, and will be adding the Champion Shoulder guard and combat shield to one of the others, giving me a squad with a Champion, Standard Bearer, Sanguinary Priest, Power Sword/Plasma Pistol and Power Fist.

I started painting one of the models. I am using a black base, with careful mechrite red on the plates. Then I am layering Red Gore, Blood Red and Blazing Orange. I will probably wash some Baal Red into it too.

I want to do a new Dante. But I am considering making a whole new one. Maybe even an injured Dante being protected by his HG. But I have no clue what to do. Any input?

So there you go. Watch as I add more to this thread in the coming months. Only two months to go!


mrjashuajanes said...

Very cool stuff!

I think something like your injured-Dante-being-protected idea would help set them apart.

I am just now starting work on Dante; I think I am going to pass on the tradition gold armor and give him normal red armor with gold embellishments. This will better match my existing honor guard.

unforgivenangels said...

Awesome! Good luck with the entries, the honour guard looks amazing, I can't wait to see him finished, especially the banner. Great stuff mate

RonSaikowski said...

Nice work on the banner so far, I'll be watching this one to see how it comes out.

MiCho said...

very nice work on the freehand jawa...are you gonna set them up on a display board as well? If you do the display board, having an injured dante in the middle being surrounded by the HG would be kind of nice.

Bloodthirster said...

Jawdropping or rather Jawadropping-lol anyways thats awesome stuff man i've decided i'm gonna enter UK GD (Emperor guide me) Capt Sic in the Youngbloods and Skulltaker in the 40k monster

jawaballs said...

Thanks guys, and yah Micho, I'm thinking the same. Dante in the center, maybe his Axe of Mortalis broken and at his side, holding up his perdition pistol... and the HG coming in for landings to secure him, and the standard bearer about to plant the flag... Im thinking a multi leveled broken rock face. Terrain is not my strong point, so I want to keep it as simple as possible. Maybe have dante kneeling... supporting his weight using a missle launcher arm. At any rate, I am gonna have to get myself a good jewelers saw. That GW piece of crap I won at the Conflict is total horse poo. I'm also toying with NMM. My first attempts at it failed. Im wondering if it is even necessary... an article on a Heavy metal guy in WD said that he doesnt bother. He likes his metals... and I feel I am fairly good with painting the golds. Lots to think about...

Dodge said...

Wow...looking forward to a Jawaballs GD entry for sure! I like MiCho's idea of the injured Dante surrounded by guard. With regards to NMM I would say go with what you know.

mrjashuajanes said...

Hey, I think you should also have a pile of dead guys around Dante!

jawaballs said...

I decided to use brown mixed in with my golds to make it look more tarnished and less garish. It is looking good so far. As for the corpses, it would be cool, but draw away from the squad over all. I plan on keeping the display minimal at best.

thekillingtomat said...

i think it's gonna look really great!
and the idea of dante kneeling with his axe broken on the ground sounds perfect
i can see a picture of it in my head
maybe he's taken a shot to the sholder or something
but with the terrain i was thinkin more like a big ruin of an old building, lots of dead bodies all over the place that he has crushed with his bare hand and with their own weapons maybe
i'm thinkin he's maybe smashed a small ork horde by himself
but that's just my opinion
i like doing terrain that show a bloody and brutal battle

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