Need Help with Honor Guard

Hey guys, I need a hand! I am painting my new honor guard, and the standard bearer has a larg optical piece on half his face an one eye. Does any one know of an article in White Dwarf or online that discusses how to paint optics? Not just the lens, but the casing and the entire unit. I will get a pic up here when I get home, I am on my laptop now and dont have my cam here. Any thing come to mind?


RonSaikowski said...

That's a tough one, you don't just want to paint it metal and not give it the attention it needs.

Maybe black to simulate a plastic type housing for the optics or maybe a really dark metal to show it has been used on a number of other helmets before?

Tristan said...

Not sure that I've ever seen anything focus on the optics, but I would just say either match the helmet colour if you want it to blend in or use a contrasting colour to make it stand out. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question??

Techpriest said...

There's a Painting Masterclass article on how the 'Eavy Metal Techmarine & Thunderfire Cannon was painted, here:

It's got some good descriptions on painting techy stuff, maybe it'll help?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Try painting it a dark grey, with sharp almost white highlights. It look good and techy.

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