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Stealing a bit from Ron at From the Warp, I am going to do a thread of posts on my new Tau Project! Here is a pic of my first 3 Fire Warriors. The leader was painted with a different color from the other two. I did the center one using base black, then Tau Sept Ochre, then Valejo Game COlor Scrofulous Brown then highlights. I did the leader using the traditional GW approach of Black, then Tausept Ochre, then Vomit Brown. I prefer the first one, so I decided to do them all like that. Any input?


Wienas said...

I like the richness of the scrofulous brown. Very nice indeed.

I'm not so sure about the bases being so similar in color to the models. I feel that they would look better if they contrasted to the figs.

jawaballs said...

after lookin at the pics, I agree.. definitely gotta come up with a new color scheme for the bases.

RonSaikowski said...

Nice work.

You could keep the bases similar to the model color... I don't usually do it but if you make a slight adjustment, maybe a wash or something... you just need that little bit to set the base apart from the model.

I did it once with my Lustwing since I was using a real limited palette. With the base the same color as the model it gives a completely different feel than the standard contrasting base.

Wienas said...

Ron brings up a good point as well. Staying in the same color range does make for an interesting feel in an army.

I had originally thought that Shadow Grey (from GW) would look nice. It's a kind of blue-grey that I thought would contrast well with the yellow-brown of the armour.

jawaballs said...

Maybe if I painted the whole base brown. The major black color sorta makes the details of the base hard to see. My original intent was a base that worked with the color of the armor. Why would they wear tan and brown armor to fight on an all white world for example. The armor is meant to blend with the terrain.

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