How to Play Blood Angels: Where to begin

So, the question has been asked many times. "Jawaballs, I love your models, how do I start a Blood Angels army?" Rather then answer that great question every day, I have decided to start a post here and continue to update it. Feel free to add to this for those newcomers that I will be directing to this thread.

If you have found yourself here, you are either a regular reader, or I directed you to my blog from Youtube. Either way, thanks for stopping in! First of all, if you want to know where to start with a Blood Angels army. Watch the video attached to this post. To begin, go out and get yourself this list of items:

Brother Corbulo
Space Marine Battle Force
Assault on Black Reach
Box set of Death Company

That ought to cover you for models. The AoBR has the rule book.

Now, get yourself the Blood Angels codex, which is found under the Downloads tab on the GW website. Linking to it does not work for some reason. Search the site, or call GW to help you find it. It is a free download. Print it out. Many thanks to Master Darksol who showed me that the links to the GW website do infact work. By the way, if you have not checked out his blog, do so. The Emperor Commands. I had tried to link that codex before to no avail. Here is the Blood Angels Codex.

Also, get the following hobby items:

Xacto Blades
GW Super Glue
Pinning Drill

Blood Red
Blazing Orange
Chaos Black
Boltgun Metal
Skull White
Bestial Brown
Bleached Bone
Golden Yellow
Baal Red Wash
Badab Black Wash
Mechrite Red

Reaper Kolinsky 10/0 brush
Citadel small and large drybrush

GW Black and White spray primer.
(or a substitute)

My set of "How to Paint space Marines" Blood Angels available HERE.

That should get you well under way.

Now, put together a 500 point army, and start painting. If you are a beginner at Blood Angels, my videos are a must have. Without tooting my own horn, they have helped hundreds of guys learn to paint, and will answer every question you have.

I suggest Mechanized Blood Angels. Read every word on my blog, check the archives, and learn my list and tactics.

Get Corbulo, a tactical squad, your death company, and an assault squad, and get them all in Rhinos. Corbs can ride with the DC. There you go! That is a quick start to your new world dominance. More to come.


Master Darksol said...

New Blood Angels Full Codex and FAQ. Download it straight from GW's site here.

Anonymous said...

Jawa, I have a semi-unrelated question I wanted to ask you:

With a Venerable Furioso Death Company Dreadnought, you can force your opponent to re-roll his results on the damage table. Obviously if they get either destroyed result, you would make them re-roll, but what about immobilized? Because if the Furioso can't move, he's effectively out of the game, unless he's sitting on top of an objective or something like that. So would you force the re-roll, risking destruction, or let it stand and have a scary-looking but otherwise ineffective dread? I mean, I guess he could still shoot his melta gun...

Thanks...also, not sure where to send random questions like this...

Durandal said...

When you paint your Rhinos, do you go uber-crazy and paint the inside and leave it so the ramp can be extended, or do you glue the ramp shut and leave the inside unseen and unpainted?

jawaballs said...

If I had a venerable, I would make him reroll the immobilized. A stuck furioso is useless, and further, may block the rest of my stuff. On a reroll, there is a 50 chance of weapon destroyed or less, and a further chance that it will be just immobilized again. The odds of it being worse are only 2 in 6 which are pretty good. So roll it.

jawaballs said...

NO, I dont at this point paint the insides. I would if I painted it for a contest though. Absolutely no need to do it for any tournament game army.

moHawk0ftheMind said...

I'm having a lot of trouble with Orks. I'm only playing 750 pts right now, which may be part of the problem, but I find that I don't have enough firepower to whittle down the horde (even with a Baal Pred) and once I get into assault my forces don't have the stamina to kill 30 orks. What do you suggest?

fenrisiandog said...

hey jawa, forget your death company again ;] lol.

CS_Riley said...

I have to laugh at your mention of GW's primers. They're seriously mediocre compared to Duplicolor. Honestly the only thing I can say they beat on average is Armory, and that's because anyone who's used Armory primers know they're the best primer on the planet at SATP and suck otherwise...

jawaballs said...

That video is old and I forget what I used for primer. I can say at the time, I tried other primers and the GW was superior. Shrug.

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