The Challenge Builds! Jwolf is going down at BoLScon.

I want to preface this by saying that I in no way consider myself 40k elite. I wallowed in the 60s tables for most of the last GT and when I did get a table in the teens, I got owned by Ork Bikers. Just last week, I got mopped up by my buddy Dan in a test game for a 2k point list. (No batrep since I was trying a list I wanted to keep secret.) I could win every game I play for the rest of the year and still not break even in my overall 40k record.

But the fact remains that I have found a way to win games in the last 10 months, and NOT by playing a flavor of the month list. Im not boasting or bragging so please don't take my smack talk wrong! Jwolf called the Blood Angels a bottom tier army, and my intention is to rewrite his definition of 'tier'. :) When forming opinions, lets just remember that 99% of this is Hype, mixed with a little pride. I write for YOU guys, and try to create entertaining, and sometimes educational content. I hope I am successful!

Now, here is my standard list:

Assault Squad, PW, Rhino xtra armor
Assault Squad, PW, Rhino xtra armor
Assault Squad, PW, Rhino xtra armor
Tactical Squad, PW, Lascanon, Meltagun, Rhino
Death Company Furioso Dread xtra armor, HF
Death Co. x4, in rhino xtra armor
Baal Pred x3, heavy bolters, storm bolters, xtra armor,

I play back and forth with 2 dreads or 3 assault squads.

Addition to make 2k points:
Speeder Squad x2, MM and HF
Attack Bike with MM
Attack Bike with MM

I know what I will be facing down there, and I know my tactics. So, I figured some fast moving melta guns would be my best bet. In order for my 1750 list to do its thing, I have to reduce my opponent to a 1750 list as well.

So there we go! Fritz and I have games scheduled against Jwolf for Friday night at BoLScon. He posted his list at that link so go check it out! I am looking forward to some great games and a LOT of smack talk.

More to Come,



Flekkzo said...

I see you pay for x-tra armor all around. How often do you end up having any use for it? I ask because in the few games I've played it hasn't ended up useful, and adding it to a lot of rhinos equals lots of points.

Good luck dudes! Bring on the smack talk and document it :)

AutarchAndrew said...

jawa tournament click the link

Brent said...

Just so you know, you and Fritz going to BOLSCON is the reason I signed up later that week. I figured if you guys can fly in I can drive down.

I've only recently tried my hand at blogging, but I've lurked for quite awhile. I enjoy the enthusiasm you and your mates and the boys at BOLS put in to your hobby. I'm going to make sure I'm there Friday to watch the game.

No pressure. :)

Cheers! There is hope. While I'm as big a fan of competitive play as anyone, this game seems different, billed more as a friendly match across state lines. I wouldn't sweat it too much; people just want to see a good example of sportsmanship.

jawaballs said...

I put it on all my tanks and on more then one occasion it has won games for me. Andrew, sorry I couldnt make the club to play you! And Brent, you got it. Some guys don't though. Some guys take good hearted showmanship personal. Shrug... Glad you're gonna be there man! We are flying out on Monday, so hopefully there will be time to get in some other pickup games.

Black Matt said...

That post is one of the first that makes me proud that you are a Battle for Salvtion member. Good job and I love the show of genuine humility.

jawaballs said...

After drinking some of the unexpected Haterade thrown my way today about the absurd comments I made about "dominating the northeast" and having to go to Bolscon to own the south I figured I needed to spell things out for some guys.

I mean... really, I thought it was obvious that I was just having fun! I put a picture of Poutine on the post for crying out loud. :) Here is the link: I chuckled and laughed through writing that entire post, and actually just chuckled again when I reread it... Lol, I can't believe I am catching hate from that. :)

Chernobyl said...

Eh some folks are way to sensitive simple as that. Any way kick ass sea bass!

Anonymous said...

Your seemingly endless string of victories wasn't some elaborate conspiracy to mislead the English speaking world of 40k players in order to establish yourselves as...can't even really finish the thought.

I am actually pretty excited about your game. Just remember to film it or those internet people will never be satisfied...maybe not even then ("Fake! Obviously a Salamander in a Blood Angel Costume. you can see the zipper")

Anonymous said...

you humble yourself jawa, you probably are one of the better players in the northeast and definatly king of new england. now even though im a guard player im rooting for you, please make this a batrep and put it up immediatly, i gotta watch this ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny as soon as its over. give him hell marine!

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