Mailbag: Question from a customer who bought my Imperial Fist videos...

Hey Jawaballs,
I've been a youtube fan for a long time, I think you might be the only 40k painter
on the internet who makes amazing looking models with straight-from-the-pot
techniques. I'm not sure if this is the right email to send this message to: I
purchased your Imperial Fist tutorial way back in February and I just had some
clarifying questions as I am trying to follow it very closely for my new (and first)
In Segment 3, when you first start laying in Golden Yellow, do you still thin
the paint brush with your spit or water or anything? I see you bring the brush
on and off camera quickly so I assume you simply dip it slightly in the paint
pot. I wanted to clarify and/or ask for tips because I just finished my first
sternguard vet and my paint is very spotty/globby and basically just not smooth
at all. I don't have the problem with huge globs of thick paint all over like a
lot of beginners do, it simply looks rough and I would really like it to be
smooth - do you have any advice or techniques you use? Any brush suggestions? I
am using really old, splayed brushes but I thought it would be fine for laying
in the armor.
Anyway I don't know if I've been too clear (it's late over here) but I would
really appreciate any details or advice you would like to impart to me about
painting layers of yellow in general, and thank you in advance.


My Answer:

Yellow is hard.

Having said that. I use a Reaper Kolinsky 10/0 brush. Get one. Just
about every time I dip my brush into my pot, I wet and twist it on my lips
first to keep the super point. When I apply the yellow, I am more
touching the paint to the model then painting it on. I sort of let the
brush guide it to where I want, then let it be. If you 'paint' it too
much, brush strokes will remain. It is the same as taking your paint and
dabbing little paint puddles onto paper. Just drag the tip of your brush
over the model, leaving behind the paint where you want it... and do not
paint over it again til it dries. I wish I could explain it better...

Good luck!

His Response:

That actually makes some sense to me, jawaballs, and I am already
improving (slowly). Thank you for your timely and gracious reply:)

Michael, I'm glad I can help! A bonus you get when purchasing my videos is my instant response to your questions! I try to get to as many as possible, but I definitely give preference to guys who have purchased from me. Let me know how you do and I will post pics of your stuff! Jawaballs


Flekkzo said...

This might make me sound like either a bastard or an idiot, but here goes. You could make a little video of your painting technique. Show the brush, explain each step ("now I am wetting the brush") and how the results look (pull the brush over a white piece of paper could show how wet/not wet it is).

As you know I am also still kind of a paint noob and paint is by far the most tricky thing I've struck. Drybrushing I got working in a few minutes, trying to figure out different paints and why they react so differently, still confuses me :(

jawaballs said...

This explanation ties in with what I do in the video set that he bought. I sort of took it for granted that some guys need audio to go with the visual, and I failed to properly explain what I was doing with the brush. My answer helped him make the connection to the video. :)

AutarchAndrew said...

jawaballs im calling you out im in NY so fritz said you and him would be at Comic book haven on sunday and i would like to setup a game man with you ya me call the JAWABalls out

jawaballs said...

Your xenos taint shall be reduced. Sunday. Noon.

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