The Challenge... Jwolf... Jlunch? Jawawolf???

I have to say, I have not looked forward to something this much since I asked for the Millenium Falcon for Christmas almost 30 years ago. As you all know, Fritz and I are flying to Texas to take on Jwolf and also enter the BoLScon tournament in August. I have been anticipating this like a giddy kid! I dropped some smack on Jwolf not long ago, and he has responded on BoLS. We are going to test "40k in the 5th Dimension" against Jwolf and Companies "Kill em all" approach. Should be some good natured fun! Thanks for making my summer Jwolf!

Maybe if I beat him he will change his name to JawaWolf for a week.



Jwolf said...

Just make sure I have your skirt size for your outfit for the weekend.

Docrailgun said...

"Jawa's bitch"?

Only joking. :)

Flekkzo said...

Screw the game, I want you guys to document the smack talk! Epic! :)

jawaballs said...

I think he is going to make me wear a skirt! I will take that wager. I wear a skirt at the tournament, or Jwolf calls himself JawaWolf for a week.

Jwolf said...

Nah, I was offering a skirt since it's going to be so hot you might want the extra ventilation. we're in the middle of the hottest drought on record down here, which is saying something for central Texas.

I'll do something for one of your videos, win or lose.

I'm looking forward to our games. Would you rather play against Imperial Guard or Chaos Space Marines? (Hopefully we'll find time for a few games before you guys fly out on Monday).

jawaballs said...

Fritz and I both want a piece of you. It will be nice to get in multiple games each, but I dont see that as realistic. You are going to be busy! Plus, Im sure other Texans will want a chance at some New York meat. Either Chaos or Guard... makes no difference to me... both will be expunged. Hopefully we can get in both! I think Fritz will prefer to play Chaos, but I doubt he cares much either. Gona be great!

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